Eurovision 2023, le débrief (6/7) de la Tchéquie à l’Ukraine

Eurovision 2023 is over, and we know the results, but let’s observe them in more detail! For seven days, we will review each country, giving importance to the statistics relating to them.

And here is the beginning of the top 10, which to be honest, contains things that we would not have believed (or wished) to find there at the start!

10th: Czechia, 129 points

If you have read the previous article, you know that this Czech top 10 is miraculous: with 10 points less, the Vesnas would have been fifteenth! The group gets away with it thanks to the jury, which tends to reward songs with feminist themes, from which it receives 10th place with 94 points, coming from everywhere. But the Vesnas had to pass just after Käärija, the televoting juggernaut, and finally they only obtained 35 points, made up of 1, 2 and 3 points … but also a 10 points from the Finns!

And besides, in the semi-finals, success was there: all the countries gave points to the Czech Republic, and again 12 points to Finland… Which brings us to the next mystery: why the Czech Republic is she still badly placed in the final? Since 2016, in five finals, the country has always been placed in the first three of its half in the running order, even having achieved good scores in the semi-finals.

In any case, this top 10 could convince the Czechs to participate again next year: the country has been threatening for a while to withdraw for lack of weak audiences…

9th: Australia, 151 points

Australia won the second semi-final! Everything contributed to it, the fact of passing last, the weak series… Voyager received points from everyone, including 12 points from Iceland, Estonia and Albania. Pretty much everywhere. However, the lead over Austria was not huge, only 12 points separated them.

And in the final, the return competition and a passage in number 15 make this success a flop in televoting, this time, only 20 points are garnered… From five countries only, including 8 from Finland, country of rock. Curiously, it was the jury that saved Voyager, with 130 points! And two 12 points, from Portugal and Iceland.

In short, rather a success for the Australians, who seem to be less interested in the contest lately…

8th: Estonia, 168 points

The new system which wants the juries to be absent from the semi-final has allowed Alika to do the sleight of hand which was not so easy to achieve in the past: to rank better in the final than in the semi- final. Tenth with 74 points, she nevertheless obtained points from all countries, including 10 from Lithuania and the 10 from the jury of San Marino, which means that she is largely qualified too, Iceland in 11th had only 44 dots.

And in the final, it’s the splits, this time only 22 points from the public (only 6s and 5s!) but a card for the jury, Alika is fifth at home with 146 points, including 12 points from the neighbor Latvian.

A surprise top 10 for the country that the punters had expected to see fall in the semi-finals, or at the end of the classification in the final.

7th: Belgium, 182 points

The dark horse of the year is him! Ah ah, you were very dismayed when he won the Eurosong this dear Gustaph, but after this 7th place, you can no longer be sure that another of the candidates of the Belgian selection would have done better.

If in the semi-final, the score of the Belgian, who arrived 8th, does not bode anything incredible, in the final, he gets away with 55 points from the public, for the 12th place of this one, it is already not bad (the Dutch neighbor gives the most with 10 points). But above all, it was a success with the juries: 7th place, with 127 points, and above all the 12 points from Australia, Georgia, and even Greece (those famous 12 points which did not go to Cyprus ). The Ukrainian jurors strangely did not like it, Gustaph is last at home. But like Alika, Gustaph did better in the final than in the semi-finals, thanks to the juries!

This 7th place is also the second best result of the Flemish at Eurovision, who would have believed it?

6th: Ukraine, 243 points

This time, we go up much more in the scores with a country much less surprising. Ukraine received 189 points from the public, which takes them to 4th place … It’s expensive to pay, to wonder if it will be like this all the time for the next few years. Four 12 points in total, from Poland and Moldova, but also Czechia and Portugal. Note that of the 9 countries that did not rank Tvorchi in their top 10, five of them are from the Balkans. On the jury side, 54 points are won, including 12 from the Czech Republic and 10 from Italy.

The last times Ukraine hosted the contest were the only times the country really flopped, so the challenge was met with flying colors this year, but maybe Ukraine flopped now? The future will tell.

See you tomorrow for the top 5!

Image credits: EBU