Between surprising trending destinations and the explosive boom in business travel, eviivo and RateGain break down the major travel trends for summer 2023.

Travel is picking up again after the pandemic, travelers are returning to classic but also emerging destinations -, professionals are favoring the “ remote work » and more short-term rentals.

87% of people around the world plan to travel this summer, according to Real Research, and searches for flights are up 25% for this summer, according to eviivo partner Expedia. Additionally, Airbnb users have already planned stays in more than 72,000 cities this summer, according to Airbnb.

In collaboration with RateGain Travel Technologies Limited (RateGain), a global provider of SaaS solutions for travel and hospitality and partner of eviivo and based on its recent analysis using Adara, one of the largest travel data platforms in the world , here are the key findings determining the top travel trends and destinations in Europe for summer 2023.

Europe’s top travel trends and destinations for summer 2023

1. Expect explosive booking growth in Europe – and globally.

Eviivo and RateGain observed a remarkable recovery in travel in Europe during the first quarter of 2023. Market growth is expected to be 20 % in 2023 and reach pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year. The most popular destinations in Europe have already exceeded pre-pandemic figures (see table 4 below).

In Europe, domestic and regional travel is regaining popularity thanks to the recovery of business travel and continued demand for tourist travel. Beyond these growth factors in the European market, strong demand for tourist travel also came from the United States, whose purchasing power was strengthened thanks to a strong dollar.

In Europe, nights reserved for 2e quarter are up by 15.4% and the average daily rate has increased by 13.2% in one year, rising from €125.17 to €141.64. The occupancy rate is up 10.2%, while revenue per available room has increased by 24.7%.

eviivo’s partner, Key Data, a US-based platform that collects, analyzes and provides the most accurate real-time data for the tourism industry on vacation rentals, reported on May 24, 2023 that stays from second quarter in the short-term rental industry are up 16% globally. Number of nights booked for Q2 stays is up 15.9 % compared to the previous year, with 22.6 million additional nights sold compared to the same period of the previous year. The average daily rate is also up 1.4%.

At eviivo, we’ve seen the huge growth in bookings from our hotel, guesthouse and landlord customers, many of whom have rooms sold out for weeks at a time.says Michele Fitzpatrick, CEO of eviivo. After three years disrupted by the Covid, travelers have been able to save money and have been able to book business and tourist trips from winter to now benefit from an ideal climate for their travels and stays in Europe.

Expedia has published an annual report which indicates that 81 % of travelers worldwide say they will travel in 2023, “no matter what”.

According to the report, the top three types of accommodation travelers will book are hotels (24.71 %), resorts (17.15 %) and vacation rentals such as Airbnb and Vrbo (Abritel, HomeAway) (12.24 %).

2. Booming business travel.

Business travel is returning to pre-pandemic levels of activity, with many companies keen to reconnect and renew relationships with their customers and co-workers through face-to-face meetings and appointments. This development has led to a strong increase in the demand for business travel in large cities but also in “nature” environments.

The generation “ telework » helps accelerate business travel like never before, says Michele Fitzpatrick, CEO of eviivo. “ People want to meet in person, travel to events, conferences and meetings while extending their stay in this destination. Airbnbs, vacation rentals, and other short-term rental properties give them convenient, modern luxuries — kitchens, outdoor spaces, fast WIFI, multiple bedrooms — to truly turn their business trip into a vacation trip. Many of our owners have seen this trend increase significantly in 2023. »

According to RateGain, the post-pandemic world has also brought about changes in traveler preferences and demands. Travelers bring their pets (the filter “ pet-friendly is now one of the top searches), and customers are looking for more remote locations, according to eviivo.

3. The main summer trends in Europe

At Adara, RateGain has access to billions of pieces of data from over 300 partners to track and analyze the traveler journey, gaining insights into travel intentions to inform marketing decisions that drive greater ROI. Here are the key lessons:

  • The United States contributes the largest number of leisure travel bookings in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
  • France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Germany recorded a strong increase in traveler exchanges.
  • The United States is the most searched country for most EMEA destinations.
  • Denmark and Sweden are very keen on European holiday destinations.
  • Germany emerges as an important business travel destination for the EMEA region.
  • Couples prefer Spain, Italy, France and Greece to travel.
  • Italy, France and Greece are the main destinations for family travel in Europe.

4. The trendiest European destinations for summer 2023

Based on RateGain’s June-August 23 inbound international flight bookings, here’s where most travelers will be heading this summer.

Portugal has become the most visited destination in Europe for the summer of 2023, climbing three places.

Spain comes second. Spain has lost its position to Portugal, which has become the most economically viable destination in 2023.

Italy is third on the list and retained a strong position in the post-pandemic years.

The UK has seen an increase in flight bookings after the COVID period. It will take fourth place in 2023.

France occupies fifth place this summer, as Portugal and the United Kingdom climb in the ranking of international flight bookings.

Portugal is at the top of the list of flight bookings to Europe for the summer of 2023. Portugal has become a very attractive destination for companies due to its economic situation. Flights to Portugal from the United States and other parts of Europe are more economical than any other European destination.

Portugal and Spain both won the prize for the most popular business and leisure travel destinations, with Italy coming in third in all sectors.

I am delighted to see Portugal, Spain and Italy at the top of the three most visited countries for the summer of 2023, as they are exceptional destinations offering a rich variety of tourist experiences.says Philip Comunello, eviivo Regional Director for the Iberian Peninsula and Italy. Eviivo has seen significant growth in these regions as more hosts, owners and hoteliers open vacation rentals, boutique hotels, Airbnbs and casitas to meet the demand of travelers in these regions.

5. The most visited cities for summer 2023 (by number of international arrivals)

Lisbon is the most popular destination for leisure travel, attracting tourists from Europe and the Americas.

As a center for business meetings and a hub for other tourist destinations in Portugal, Lisbon has overtaken some of Europe’s most popular destinations in terms of international arrivals this summer.

London comes next, with a high number of arrivals from the United States.

Paris, one of the most visited cities in the world, comes next, with the third highest number of international arrivals expected for the summer of 2023.

6. Trending regions in France for summer 2023

Seasonal rental trends in France (based on confirmed bookings online via eviivo with stay dates between June 15 and August 15, 2023)

Top 10:

  1. Haute-Savoie
  2. High mountains
  3. Loir et Cher
  4. Upper Corsica
  5. Vaucluse
  6. Ardeche
  7. Puy de Dome
  8. South Corsica
  9. Maine and Loire
  10. Alpes-Maritimes

Haute-Savoie and the Hautes-Alpes are at the top of seasonal rental reservations observed with eviivo, confirming the growing appeal of the mountains in summer, which meets the needs of nature, wide open spaces and less frequented destinations.

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