Gasly is disappointed with the results but (...)

Disappointed with his results in Monaco and Spain, Pierre Gasly does not want to let himself be defeated and prefers to see the glass half full for Alpine F1, with the promise of very good possible results.

On the heels of the podium obtained by Esteban Ocon in Monaco, Gasly therefore wants to capitalize on the speed and potential of the A523.

He first looks back on his last two races, which were frustrating for him.

“I have mixed feelings after the last two races in Monaco and Spain,” confides the Frenchman in his column for the official F1 website.

“First of all, I was super happy for the team and Esteban with the podium in Monaco. It just goes to show that when we do things right, all the little details, on top of having some luck on our side, we have what it takes to seize the opportunities presented to us and come away with a great reward.”

“Of course, this result was tinged with some frustration on my side because I know there was a much more important result than seventh place for this race. Unfortunately, it was not due to circumstances, so for sure that feeling was bittersweet for me. It was a race where you had to stay in the fight, be patient and take advantage of the rain that came in the last 10 laps.”

“We know we have good cards in our hands and I know I have what it takes in me for this type of result. I am convinced that we will have even more chances of getting on the podium this season. “

Unfortunately for Gasly, it wasn’t any better at Barcelona despite an excellent starting grid position.

“It could have been my day in Spain. But qualifying fourth, starting from 10th and falling to 14th on the first lap was painful. In 24 hours, I go from the second row on the grid to the ascent of ‘a mountain.”

“I think the circumstances in qualifying were unfortunate but we had to accept it and play with the cards we had for the race.

When you start in the peloton you will always be more exposed to incidents and I got stuck by Perez at turn 2, wide in the gravel with nowhere to go and that put us on the wrong foot for the rest of the race.”

“We did very well not to let go to get back in the points at the end. An incredible Saturday afternoon which again did not turn into a just reward on Sunday.”

Work that is beginning to bear fruit at Alpine F1

For Gasly, it is also important to see the bright side of things. After a start to the season that scared the fans and the management of Alpine, things seem to be gradually getting back to normal.

“The good news is that our A523 has speed and potential. Apart from Red Bull, it’s a fight between Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin and ourselves.”

“As we’ve seen there’s a big difference between the qualifying and race results between these teams and each race has some variety. At the moment we’re at the back of that pack, but with the ability to disturb the game, as we have shown in Monaco and sometimes in Spain.”

“Finding the consistency will be key to achieving our goals and really competing with these teams. There have been far too many races where I have had the speed but without the result. Australia, Monaco and Spain come to my mind. mind, and we’re working with the team to iron out some minor details, run better weekends and do a more comprehensive job.”

“That’s why I feel confident and satisfied right now. I know the ingredients are there, you just have to mix them well! In the meantime, I’m back to physical training and in the simulator in preparing for another trip to North America in Canada.”

“I feel good, determined to convert this pace into a bigger end result.”