Fuji film today organized its X-Summit 2023 in Bangkok, in the heart of the city. An event conducive to the announcement of new products and the latest developments from the manufacturer, this edition changes from the usual static format and offers a wandering the streets from the capital of Thailand to enjoy the novelties announced today, such as the new Fuji X-S20THE XF 8mm f/3.5 R WR and the news XApp.

An event in the streets of Bangkok

The X Summit event begins with a drone plane arriving in the heart of the Thai Central Station (Hua Lamphong), the central train station in Bangkok, Thailand. Yuji IgarashiDirector of the Imaging Division of Fujifilm Corp is master of ceremonies for this new X-Summit.

Important tourist destinationThailand symbolizes the journey through the minds of many people. Travel is one of the favorite subjects for photographywhich explains Fujifilm’s choice for this place and especially for the release of its new case, the X-S20, unveiled today.

Fujifilm X-S20, the bridge between the 4th and 5th generation of X box

This new case, successor to the X-S10, is a compact APS-C mirrorless camera, ideal for travel. “Everything you need in a compact size” as Yuji Igarashi puts it.

The device resumes 26MP X-Trans CMOS sensor 4th generation combined with latest X Processor 5, a kind of combination between two generations of sensor and processor. This makes it possible to offer, according to the manufacturer, a very good autonomy, essential during the trip. Fujifilm even speaks of the most energy-efficient system of all the current X system, with 750 images in a single charge according to the CIPA standard, a figure that is often below reality.

In the video, Yuji reunites with the Thai documentary photographer Ekkarat Punyatara for a field test in the streets of Bangkok of this new case. The atmosphere is very relaxed.

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XApp, a more modern companion app for Fujifilm cameras

Fujifilm also unveiled a new XApp mobile application. This allows to automatically connect to up to 5 devices via Bluetooth and can add GPS data to his photos with an interval of 10 s. A simple way to geotag your images while traveling, you’ll understand.

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The X-Summit continues with Won from Fujifilm Thailand presenting the X-S20 video features (up to 6.2K 30p) but also the new Vlog mode which allows access to many features from the touch screen:

The X-S20 is also compatible with accessory FAN-001which improves the heat dissipation of the box in video, as is already the case with the X-H2 and X-H2S.

Thailand obliges, a Tuk Tuk ride improvise.

After a city tour, the event continues in the heart of the Rajadamnern Stadiumthe 1st stadium built solely for Muay Thai in 1945. This place is ideal for testing the AI-assisted AF performance of the X-S20, but there are Jun Watanabe from Fujifilm, for an unexpected announcement.

X-T5 and X-H2 firmware update: more efficient predictive autofocus

Last January, Fujifilm presented new firmware for the X-H2S, and indicated that other cameras would be updated during the course of the year. Today the firmware update for X-T5 and X-H2 is announced and will offer developments in terms of autofocus. Fujifilm has indeed improved its AF algorithms since the release of its first case equipped with a 5th generation sensor + processor duo.

Thus, the firmware v3.00 of the X-H2 and v2.00 of the X-T5 (already available today on the Fujifilm site) offer significant improvements in terms of autofocus, especially on the subject movement prediction, even when the subject moves out of frame. These two boxes must also be able to follow a subject better whose movement speed is variable, and the focusing speed in AF-C mode with the AF-ON button has been improved.

There AI subject detection a also made a leap forward. Thus, it is easier to detect backlit subjectswith a sideways glance or when the subject occupies a small portion of the image.

Fujifilm also adds the insect and drone detection modesalready present on X-H2S since the v3.00 firmware update last January.

To demonstrate these autofocus improvements as well as the performance of the X-S20, Fujifilm invited the photographer Nopawach Gajajiva around the ring to photograph some muay-thai boxers. We note that the autofocus is able to detect the eye or the face even when a foot or a boxing glove hides it.

The visit of Bangkok continues with the Buddhist temple Wat Benchama Bophit. The photographer indicates that his 27mm is too tight to have the entire temple without backing down. The perfect opportunity for Fujifilm to unveil a … XF 8mm f/3.5.

Fujinon XF 8mm f/3.5 R WR: the widest XF prime lens

Already seen on the Fujifilm stand during CP+ 2023, the XF 8mm f/3.5 R WR is a very compact ultra-wide-angle lens. But by anyone, since it is a question of the widest angle XF lens to date. With its 12 mm equivalent in 24×36, it allows photography with a viewing angle of 112°, ideal for landscape or architectural photography.

Fujifilm also indicates that this focal length is more and more popular with smartphone manufacturers for their ultra wide-angle module, which makes it possible to offer a angle of view familiar to this audience.

Fujifilm invited the Thai photographer Kankavee Karnjanadechaspecialist in architectural and urban photography, to test the lens around the temple.

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Autonomy of the X-S20: time to take stock

At the end of the day, Yuji Igarashi finds the Thai documentary photographer Ekkarat Punyatara to take stock of this marathon day.

Beyond 20,116 steps, they evaluate the remaining battery life on the camera and the number of photos taken. So more with more than 1033 pictures and one more bar remaining on the camera, the bet of taking 1000 photos with a single battery is held.

A way for Fujifilm to remind that the CIPA standard is not not always very realisticand to show the different features of the X App application, with in particular the Timeline and Activity Log views which allow you to display a summary view of the number of photos and videos taken per dayas well as a map of the GPS coordinates.

Of the statistics on the different enclosures and the film simulations also offers a better view of his photo practice.

This app is available for the X-S20 as well as other X and GFX cases through a firmware update.

So much for the new features announced during this X Summit BKK 2023. You can find the full video on Youtube: