We have all already chosen a vacation destination by being interested in the food offered in the country. And very often, the thing that we retain from our travels is what we ate more than the landscapes we crossed. But then, where do we eat the best in the world? The American site CNN Travel has established a Top 10. Spoiler: it is not France that appears at the top of the list! The site recognizes, however, that this ranking is “subjective according to personal tastes”. All is not lost for French gastronomy.

Europe in the spotlight

At the top of the ranking, and ahead of France, it is Italy that wins in the eyes of CNN journalists. “From cheese risottos to crispy fried meats, Italian cuisine is a compendium of comforting dishes that appeal to everyone,” they say. According to them, the recipe for success lies in the simplicity of Italian cuisine, which is easy to transpose at home. “This is where the real genius lies: Italian cuisine has become everyone’s cuisine”, say CNN journalists who particularly appreciated the pizza, the Italian salami, the spaghetti bolognese or the coffee. Italian.

France comes third in the ranking, behind China. Beijing is hailed for its varied cuisine. “It’s not a food culture that can be easily summarized, except that you would invariably want to take it back”, judges CNN. It is therefore ahead of France, which has nevertheless stood out for its snails, its macaroons and its traditional baguette. “French dishes such as cassoulet, pot au feu and steak frites are revealing when tasted in the right bistros,” the journalists add.

Europe is still in the spotlight at the top of the ranking established by CNN, since it is Spain which then occupies fourth place. “Spanish cuisine is made with the same unbridled passion as flamenco dancing. (…) Spanish cuisine is both timeless and avant-garde,” summarizes CNN Travel.

United States Tenth

Behind Italy, China, France and Spain, we find Japan. Sushi, sashimi, tempura, miso soup… “It is impossible to eat badly in Japan”.

We then stay on the Asian continent, since India is in sixth place. CNN Travel cites lentil dal or chai in particular.

Brief return to Europe then with Greece, for which CNN journalists are full of praise. “Travelling and eating in Greece is like a glossy magazine coming to life, but without Photoshop. Much like blue seas and white buildings, kalamata olives, feta cheese, colorful salads and roast meats are, by default, postcard-worthy,” they say.

Finally to complete this Top 10, follow Thailand (8th), Mexico (9th) and… the United States (10th).