GNV, the Italian shipping company, celebrates its three decades of activity in the Mediterranean as well as its two decades of operations in Tunisia. To mark these anniversaries, GNV organized a press trip to Palermo aboard the ship “Spirit”. From June 15, the “Suprema” ship will also be assigned to the line linking Genoa to Tunis, which will increase the capacity for transporting passengers and vehicles.

This huge liner (Suprema) which measures 211.50 meters long and 30.40 meters wide can carry 2920 passengers and has 567 cabins and 37 luxury suites and has a garage that can hold 886 vehicles.

Founded in 1992 and now part of the MSC group, GNV is one of the main shipping companies operating in cabotage and passenger transport worldwide. With a fleet of 25 ships, the company operates 31 lines in 7 countries, to and from Tunisia, Morocco, Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, France, Albania and from Malta.

The journey of discovery of the GNV universe also saw the organization of a press conference by the company’s managers in order to give an overview of activities in Tunisia, as well as news and forecasts.

With an average of 230,000 passengers transported per year to and from Tunis and a hoped-for target of 250,000 passengers for the year 2023, GNV makes Tunisia a privileged market. At the moment, passengers who have already chosen GNV to travel this summer represent 10% more compared to last year.

The company sees great potential in Tunisia

The company’s sales manager for the Tunisia and Morocco markets, Carole Montarsolo, proudly declared in this context that: “GNV is the leader in the passenger transport market from Europe to North Africa”, recalling that the company which launched its first ship “Le Majestic” in 1993 a few months after its creation, currently operates with 25 ships and serves 31 routes and 20 ports.

In her detailed presentation, Carole Montarsolo specified that GNV tends to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding and diversified clientele, which includes in particular families traveling from central and northern European countries to Tunisia or Morocco, to Spain and the Balearic Islands, Albania, as well as to Sardinia and Sicily.

It has also been reported that GNV has invested heavily in recent years in the development of its network, particularly for Tunisia which is one of the destinations in which the company invests a lot. This explains the many actions organized to attract Tunisians, including absolute respect for the punctuality of ships with the creation of a central control tower in Genoa which takes care of the 24/7 monitoring of the entire GNV fleet with the objective to monitor the smooth running of nautical and port operations and to take corrective action if necessary in order to respect the schedules of each stopover and each trip.

The summer of 2022 was also a season of all records for GNV, recording a 46% increase in the number of passengers compared to the summer of 2021 and +35% compared to 2019, which had been the best year for GNV, the Italian company does not intend to stop there.

It has put all the assets on its side to consolidate and further improve the service offered to its customers in Tunisia and elsewhere.

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