One of the most important elements of a travel budget is accommodation. To avoid all your savings going to waste, it is better to try to book in an affordable hotel, but which still offers comfort and amenities. For this to be possible, you need to know tips and good plans.

Good deals with hotel chains

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to the matter, as the total number of hotels around the world amounts to several hundred thousand. Therefore, the choice can be very difficult, especially in places where there are several hotels. To simplify your task, you can decide to trust a hotel chain like Kyriad.

The advantage here is that they tend to want to retain their customer. Also, you will regularly receive newsletters or other emails that will notify you of the best deals of the moment. Thus, in case of promotions, special offers, or even discount coupons, you will be informed immediately. You can therefore make your reservation accordingly and benefit from the best hotels at the best price.


Unearth the rare pearl by going to a hotel comparator. The mode of operation is often very simple, you just have to indicate the name of the city where you are going, the date of arrival and departure, the number of people traveling. Once the information is valid, you will immediately see the hotels available in the area. Note that you can also sort based on the number of hotel rooms, its location or the various amenities provided. The purpose of a hotel comparator is to help you find a hotel to your liking according to your budget.

Do not wait the last minute

While waiting for the day before departure or even on D-Day, you will have no choice but to accept the available hotels that will be presented to you. However, by starting the search a few days or even weeks before, you will have time to find the best hotel in the region where you are going and at the most affordable price possible. Indeed, in case of reservation, hotels often offer advantageous prices in order to be sure that the rooms will be taken. The good news is that you don’t have to pay upfront. This gives you time to search even better if possible.

Find the right time to book

Seasonality has a big impact on hotel prices. Indeed, be sure to make your reservation at a time when there are no parties, festivals, or any other event likely to attract many people to the area. The same goes for the holiday period when there can be an influx of tourists. This is because when demand exceeds supply, hotels can multiply the price. On the contrary, during the low season, the most luxurious rooms can come back to you at a very affordable price.

Avoid city centers

The location of the hotel also plays an important role in the rates to be offered for the rooms. When it is near places of life such as an airport, in the city center, shops, a school, with a view of the sea, etc., hotels tend to increase their price. On the other hand, when the hotel is quite far from the city center, the prices are often cheaper.

The weekend is better!

In general, business trips take place in the middle of the week. In this case, the price of the hotel does not generally matter on this kind of occasion. Hotels therefore do not hesitate to raise prices. However, it is usually people who come to relax or have fun who come to the hotel on weekends. Aware of this leisure clientele, prices are frequently lower on weekends. This is felt even more in luxury hotels where personalities stay. The weekend reduction can sometimes go up to more than 70%.

Choose an affordable base destination

Do not forget that the cost of living in the country where you are traveling depends a lot on the rates that hotels will present to you. If you are going to a country where the cost of living is very expensive, it is normal for hotel prices to reflect this reality. As a result, the least comfortable hotel will display a price that will make you dizzy. At the same time, if you go to a country where the cost of living is quite low, you can book in a real palace and pay a very affordable price.

Thus in Thailand for example, you can have a magnificent and spacious hotel room in a palace, with a splendid garden and a swimming pool, all for less than 50 € per night. So, if you plan to cross the border, visit certain countries in Southeast Asia or even certain countries in Latin America. These countries are cheap and you could spend your holidays in dream hotels without breaking the bank.

Other cheap ways to find accommodation while traveling

It’s not just hotels, you can also find other perfectly reasonable accommodation options on your vacation.

The lodgings

Depending on the region where you are going, you should know that the rates offered are sometimes half of what the cheapest hotels offer. Nevertheless, it may well be that the comfort is less than in the hotel room, but you can console yourself with the atmosphere which is often warm.

The youth hostels

They are very cheaper and depending on where you are going, they can come back to you at a ridiculous price. So if you travel to China for example, you will have to pay around 5 €. In Paris, you will be more like twenty euros, but it is still affordable compared to a classic hotel price.


It could be much cheaper for you, especially if you are traveling with family or in a group. The price is generally much cheaper compared to hotels and in particular, you gain autonomy and freedom.


It is really not complicated to book a cheap hotel. You just need to know tips and take into account certain criteria in the host country, the season, etc. Thus, you can book an affordable hotel to enjoy your vacation in peace.