As part of the awareness campaign “Treat our elected municipal officials like the world”, the newspaper The slopes discussed with elected municipal officials to get to know the people behind the magistrates better.

Denis Vezina

The municipal councilor for district 3, in Saint-Basile, grew up in Saint-Bruno. He is the eldest of a family of three children. Her father made a career at Bell Canada and her mother was a housewife. Mr. Vézina does not have a biological child, but a 27-year-old boy “by proxy”, over whom he has watched since he was born. Regarding his favorite hobbies, he regularly visits Mont Saint-Bruno and rides a lot of bikes. He has a bachelor’s degree in teaching in school and social adaptation. He has been a secondary school teacher for 23 years at the Center jeunesse de la Montérégie. He has traveled a lot in his life. “Today, I like being in nature. That’s why, every summer, I reserve a rustic camp, ”explains the municipal councilor. Denis Vézina does a lot of volunteer work and loves his job as a teacher. It gives meaning to his life.

Martin Leprohon

The municipal councilor for district 2, in Saint-Basile, is from the South Shore, Montreal area. He and his wife will be celebrating 20 years of marriage next year. They have three children, two boys and a girl. Among his favorite hobbies, Mr. Leprohon enjoys a little-known sport, lifesaving sport (surfing lifesaving). He studied mechanical engineering at Concordia University and the University of Sherbrooke. In addition to being a city councillor, he works in airport planning and design. Among his favorite travel destinations “with the family, Ecuador was probably our most memorable trip,” explains Martin Leprohon. Few people know that the city councilor and his sons have dual citizenship. Her boys were indeed born in Australia, where they lived for five years in addition to a year in New Zealand.

Olivier Cameron-Chevrier

The municipal councilor for district 6, in Saint-Basile, Olivier Cameron-Chevrier, is the youngest member of the council. He is 28 years old. He has lived in Saint-Basile-le-Grand since he was very young. Her mother is a real estate agent and her father operates a store that buys and sells collectibles. Mr. Cameron-Chevrier welcomed his first child last month, a baby boy. Among his favorite hobbies, he enjoys hunting and walking. He completed a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering at Concordia University. When he’s not a city councilor, he’s the leader of a software development team. As for travel destinations, “I enjoyed traveling to Europe and Central America. However, my favorites are the maritime provinces of Eastern Canada, especially Prince Edward Island,” says the advisor. Few people know that he plays the drums.

Marc-Andre Paquette

The municipal councilor for district 8, in Saint-Bruno, is a native of Laval. Her parents, formerly civil servants, are now retired. They are great travellers. He has a brother, now 32 years old. He is the father of two boys. His favorite hobby is cycling. He studied at HEC Montreal in accounting. He is also a member of the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of Quebec. He worked in this field for about ten years. Now, he works in innovation, technologies and governance within a pan-Canadian non-profit organization (NPO). Among his favorite trips are Crete and Portugal. But especially the UK. “The architecture on Whitehall, in London, the history and the scotches of Scotland, the landscapes of Ireland”, confides Mr. Paquette. Few people know that he has recently taken an interest in gardening.


Councilors for districts 3, 4, 6 and 7 of Saint-Bruno, Mathieu Marcil, Nancy Cormier, Hélène Ringuet and Jérémy Dion Bernard, did not respond to our invitation to participate in this article. We gathered some information from previously written articles. For this reason, their respective descriptions are shorter than those of previous advisors.

Nancy Cormier

The councilor for district 4, in Saint-Bruno. She has a bachelor’s degree in communication and law. In addition to being a city councillor, she is also Chief Information Officer and Manager of Internal Communications at the Canadian Space Agency.

Mathieu Marcil

The councilor for district 3, in Saint-Bruno, has a bachelor’s degree in urban planning, community and regional planning, as well as a certificate in financial planning. He owns two financial services firms located in Saint-Bruno. He is also a financial planner.

Helene Ringuet

The councilor for district 6, in Saint-Bruno, has a bachelor’s degree in bio-agronomy, a master’s degree in biology and a certificate in marketing management. In addition to being a city councillor, she is the manager of communications, marketing and retail.

Jeremy Dion Bernard

The councilor for district 7, in Saint-Bruno, is from the city. He is a notary and a businessman.