Des professeures moldaves de français séjournent quinze jours dans le Cher

The Secular Solidarity departmental delegation of Cher is organizing its thirteenth linguistic and cultural course with a group of ten Moldavian French teachers.
This course began yesterday, June 5, and should last until June 21, as part of the Francophonie and solidarity project in the Republic of Moldova, which is the twentieth anniversary.
At the end of these two weeks of a course that has existed for thirteen years, no less than 116 Moldavian teachers will have benefited from a stay in France that most could not have afforded.
Philippe Paillard, head of the association, explains the approach: “Twenty years ago, we focused on this country no larger than the Center region and seven years later, we set up these courses. If English has become the foreign language most used, it was French twenty years ago. »

Among forty candidates

Moldova, with its rich and fertile lands, has only 2.6 million inhabitants out of the 4 million it used to have. The exodus passed through there and, in proportion, the Ukrainians took refuge en masse.
Moldova has asked, like Ukraine, to join Europe. The country fears that its fate is linked to the result of military operations. “The Moldovans hear the bombs falling. Without the support of Europe, Moldova is nothing,” emphasizes Philippe Paillard.

Since 2010, the association Solidarité Laïque has been organizing cultural and educational courses

In terms of education, Moldova functions like Russia. “Students enter high school from CP to leave with the equivalent of the baccalaureate. The teachers therefore teach in these high schools. During this course, there is even a university teacher. »
The ten teachers are lucky. They were chosen from around forty applicants. “If we take into account the French people who are going to Modalvie in October, the overall budget is 15,000 euros”, specifies Philippe Paillard.
The Solidarité laïque du Cher departmental delegation has the support of the Centre-Val de Loire regional council, the departmental council, the Alliance française de Chisinau, the French embassy in Moldova, the MSEF association (Menetou-Salon en party) and the network of organizations, as well as the member associations of Solidarité laïque.
For the occasion, ten teachers are hosted by volunteers from the association Solidarité Laïque. Eight teachers are in Cher but two others will stay in Morbihan before the course ends with three days in Île-de-France to see Paris and Versailles.
The eight Moldavian teachers who stay in Cher come from eight towns in the country: Calaasi, Cantemir, Chisinau – the capital –, Laloveni, Soroca, Straseni, Tiraspol which is in Transnistria and Ungheni.
During the stay, the teachers will be entitled to heritage visits, educational activities, visits to schools, workshops with Mille Univers or Défense de la langue française.

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Francois Lesbre
Infomore. Last Thursday, Moldova hosted a summit of the European political community bringing together fifty leaders from continental Europe.