In 2023, travel is a stopover for well-being for the vast majority of French people. Since the global pandemic, mental health has become important for French people who increasingly want a change of scenery and discover new horizons. On the occasion of Wellness Day on June 12, Opodo, one of Europe’s leading online travel agencies, took an interest in “ Travel Therapy and how the French take care of their mental health while travelling, through a survey [1] bringing together more than 10,000 respondents, including 1,000 in France.

  • 96% of French people say that travel is a source of well-being
  • The main activities that promote good mental health in France are: resting and doing nothing (45%), sightseeing (41%), going on an adventure and playing sports (18%)
  • The French are the 4e nationality to favor holidays to regenerate before the Swedes (95%) and the Germans (93%)

French savoir-vivre: when holidays rhyme with a change of scenery

With the increase in stress and anxiety linked to the health context, the French are aware of the importance of taking care of themselves on a daily basis and many have found a way to preserve it thanks to travel. This trend that promotes better living through escape is for the French, a break to take care of themselves away from everyday life, while discovering new places, living new experiences and meeting new people.

Activities vary according to age group: 63% of those aged 65 and over prefer to go sightseeing while 54% of those aged 35-44 prefer to rest ; 27% of 18-24 year olds prefer sports and 16% of 25-34 year olds prefer to party.

Depending on gender, the interests of the French can also differ: women favor relaxation (53%) while men favor sport (27%).

TOP 10 of the favorite well-being activities of French people on vacation:

  1. Rest and do nothing (45%)
  2. Sightseeing (41%)
  3. Go on an adventure (18%)
  4. Play sports (18%)
  5. Listen to music (15%)
  6. Meet new people (14%)
  7. Read (13%)
  8. Party (11%)
  9. Meditate (6%)
  10. Do artistic activities (4%)

France: 4e European nationality for whom travel contributes to good mental health

The Portuguese and the Italians arrive at the top of the podium of European nationalities to favor travel as a source of well-being (98%), followed closely by the Spaniards (97%). The French rank in 4e position (96%), ahead of the Swedes (95%) and the Germans (93%).

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