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No matter where you go, traveling for the passion of football always comes with sounds from start to finish, whether it’s the excitement that rises as you board the plane surrounded by fans, to the screams of the crowd in the stadium, making each event unique and filled with emotion. As Patrick Vieira likes it

According to research by Expedia Live, official provider of the UEFA Champions League, team chants, national anthems and cheering fans are the most representative sounds of football. Football legend Patrick Vieira has also teamed up with Expedia to share the sounds that have accompanied him throughout his career. On the occasion of the UEFA Champions League final in Istanbul, Expedia Live, the travel expert and official supplier of the UEFA Champions League, conducted a study to identify the sounds that characterize the world of football and travel.
According to French fans, here are the top 5 sounds associated with the world of football:

  1. Team chants/anthems
  2. National anthems
  3. The applause and the clapping of the supporters
  4. The UEFA Champions anthem before the match
  5. The cheers of the crowd

Anfield, the noisiest stadium according to Patrick Vieira

Expedia has teamed up with the footballing legend and former Inter Milan and
Man City, Patrick Vieirato share the sounds that shaped his football career
:“During my various trips to Europe, the sounds I heard on match days made
each of my unforgettable experiences, whatever the destination. I loved the rumble of the plane as it took off as it heralded the start of the journey and the excitement of the stadium just before kick off which got the adrenaline pumping. Football has so many iconic sounds that create such a unique and inimitable vibe. When I went to a rival stadium and heard our supporters sing with passion, it was magical and I still have fond memories of it. The loudest stadium I’ve had the good fortune to pass through is Anfield as the sounds and passion that emanated from the supporters was incredible to experience.”

French supporters prefer fan chants

For the French, the atmosphere and the sounds of the game are an integral part of the experience! Indeed, 95%
believe that a good atmosphere makes a football match even more memorable and 81% think
even noises during the match can have an impact on the outcome of the game. Studies
carried out by other institutes also revealed that the “twelfth man effect” could give a
additional advantage to the team playing at home. Even more surprising, when they are asked to
comparing the sounds of football with those of everyday life, the finding is clear: they prefer the chants of supporters (34%) or the noise of the crowd celebrating a goal in the stands (27%) to the credits of their favorite series (13 %), the “pop” of a popping champagne cork (11%) or even the noise of the slot machine when they win at the casino (11%).

Some fans take these noises very to heart with one out of 6 French people questioned who would prefer to listen
the coach’s speech at halftime rather than the speech of their loved ones at a wedding,
hear the sound of a fog horn next to their ear during a game than the cry of a baby or hear the referee whistle a red card for their team rather than their alarm clock in the morning. When it comes to identifying hymns, 55% of French people claim to be able to recognize
the UEFA Champions League anthem in less than 2 seconds. In fact, 62% admit that they do not
know the words of the anthem by heart!

Istanbul, a very noisy football capital

Istanbul is home to the two loudest stadiums in the world, those of the clubs Beşiktaş and Galatasaray, where the
crowd was recorded at 132 decibels, equivalent to the sound level of an airplane taking off. But, according to the French, the loudest and most passionate fans would rather be at the Olympique de
Marseille, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Liverpool and FC Barcelona. Michele Rousseau from Expedia says:“We are proud that Expedia Live is the Official Supplier of the UEFA Champions League and allows fans around the world to be able to travel and discover new cities, because being there is priceless. Traveling as part of a match is the perfect opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in new cultures and make memories, surrounded by family and friends, that they will never forget.”

Head to Istanbul!

As the Turkish metropolis prepares to welcome English and Italian fans for the UEFA Champions League final, Expedia has seen a 590% increase in searches for flights on the English site and 130% on the Italian site. But the French are not left out with a
45% increase for hotel bookings in Istanbul on Expedia research reveals that 71% of fans would dream of traveling to Istanbul this year to watch the UEFA Champions League final and, for 69%, the fact that the final is being played in Istanbul had an impact on their desire to visit the city soon.

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Patrick Vieira had the chance to play in Istanbul several times during his career and the sounds were at the heart of his experience: “Istanbul is full of iconic sounds that make it a bustling, vibrant and lively city. I vividly remember my visits, the call to prayer resounding throughout the city and the bustle of the bazaars creating a fantastic atmosphere. Wherever you are you will hear the street vendors shouting and if you head towards the Bosphorus you will hear the horns of the steamboats blaring. If you are going to visit Istanbul, you absolutely must attend a football match because there the atmosphere is electric.”

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