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ACAP (Active Aging Consortium of Asia Pacific) and Pass It On are organizing an international study tour on active aging to Singapore and South Korea from October 15 to 24, 2023. A 10-day study tour on the programs of the aging well and national policies on active aging in Singapore and Busan, two cities that are actively preparing to meet the challenges and harness the potential of an aging society.

Active aging is the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and safety to improve quality of life as people age.

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Source: Dialog Health

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Nations around the world are grappling with population aging as an existential challenge. It should be noted that this phenomenon will have innumerable impacts on societies, including but not limited to the sustainability of economic systems, health and welfare, the search for talent and national defense.

Cullen T. Hayashida, PhD - Founding Board Member at Active Aging Consortium Asia Pacific (ACAP)

As we search for solutions, we find that policies and programs related to aging have also been heavily influenced by the medical and institutional perspective. But the costs associated with medical and institutional care are becoming increasingly unaffordable.

Another approach has shifted from aging as health care to aging as an asset. This is also called the active aging approach. Active aging puts more emphasis on increasing our health and not just increasing our lifespan.

A growing body of research shows that active and aging lifestyles can reduce the demand for long-term care, improve well-being, reduce health care costs and promote intergenerational solidarity.

This study tour is an opportunity for delegates from around the world to explore how Singapore and South Korea are addressing the challenges and opportunities of an aging population. Both of these countries are at the forefront of this global phenomenon, and we’ll dive into their national plans for active aging, how they track progress, key initiatives, and more.

Cullen T. Hayashida, PhD – Founding Board Member at Active Aging Consortium Asia Pacific (ACAP)

Source: Dialog Health
Source: Dialog Health

Study tour on active aging in Singapore and South Korea: the program

Singapore and South Korea for 10 days and 9 nights with 11 professionals from October 15 to 24, 2023.

The program :

Source: Dialog Health
Source: Dialog Health
  • Sunday October 15
    • Arrival in South Korea
    • Busan hotel check-in
    • Welcome dinner
  • Monday October 16
    • Overview of S. Korea Aging System by National Health Insurance
    • Galmaetgil Trail Walking Activity: health through walking
  • Tuesday, October 17
    • Visiting the Yoeunje Social Welfare System for the Elderly
    • Visit of the Dongbaek inclusive bakery
  • Wednesday October 18
    • Visit of ‘My Neighborhood ESG Center’ which is a community initiative in Busan, South Korea, providing several benefits to the elderly
    • Guided tour at Busan
  • Thursday October 19
    • Workshop debriefing session
    • Flight to Singapore and installation at the hotel in Singapore
  • Friday October 20
    • Overview of Singapore Aging System by National University of Singapore
    • Health in action: Regional Sports Centers
  • Saturday October 21
    • Singapore Guided Tour
    • Free time until Monday, October 23
  • Monday October 23
    • National Steps Challenge: lessons learned. This program encourages citizens to adopt a more active lifestyle by following their daily steps and participating in various challenges
    • The Housing and Development Board (HDB) in Singapore offers a range of supports to the elderly population to help them live comfortably
  • Tuesday, October 24
    • Installing the foodinnovate : this concept ensures that the elderly receive a balanced diet in order to stay healthy and active
    • Workshop final debriefing to end the study tour

Download the complete program as well as the registration form.

The expected results of this study trip

  • Create an opportunity for cross-cultural and transnational networks and discussions to influence positive social change
  • Address political, financial and programmatic challenges and identify potential strategies and next steps
  • To recharge while networking with other professionals in high-level public and private roles
  • Discuss with international peers on current and future issues related to the aging population and support for seniors

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