Surfshark VPN unlocks the ability to get a fixed IP, that's why it's useful

VPNs are now used by many Internet users, and not only in business for security reasons, but also by individuals to, among other things, maintain confidentiality, circumvent censorship or allow access to blocked content. depending on its geographical position. This is particularly useful when traveling or when you are an expatriate.

More concretely, this makes it possible to obtain a completely secure IP address different from its own access provider: that of the VPN service. However, this is not only used by the Internet user. Several customers of the supplier can use the same one. With no logs, as is the case with all the best VPNs, privacy is guaranteed no matter what.

In some cases, however, it is advantageous to have a unique address, which is called fixed IP. VPN provider Surfshark has just announced that it is starting to offer this possibility to its users. They give some examples in which this will be useful:

  • Access your personal network remotely: having a dedicated IP or fixed IP makes it possible to configure a computer to host data on its own network and be able to access it from any location.
  • Avoid blockages of certain services: using a shared address will cause certain websites to be blocked. Seeing several different accesses, the IP can indeed be blacklisted by a site or service suspecting misuse. A single IP address is not sensitive to this.
  • Prevent recurring authentication requests: some web sites and services rely on the user’s IP address to re-authenticate if it changes, which happens frequently when disconnecting and reconnecting with a VPN, unless you have a fixed IP.
  • Fewer CAPTCHAs: similarly, if many VPN users with a common IP address access sites or services, they regularly submit a new CAPTCHA to prove that they are not dealing with a robot

If everyone does not find an interest in using a fixed IP according to their uses, in many cases it can therefore make life easier for VPN users, hence Surfshark’s proposal. Current subscribers can already take advantage of a fixed IP address on certain servers located in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States.

In the near future, servers in Germany, Japan and Hong Kong will be opened for this possibility. Later the fixed IP functionality will be extended to other countries including France, Italy, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

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To take advantage of it, all you have to do is subscribe to Surfshark. One of the advantages of the latter is to offer unlimited connections, which allows several devices to benefit from them simultaneously. The VPN provider offers various prices depending on the duration of the subscription, monthly without commitment or over a full year with a discount, but the most interesting is the 26-month subscription at €2.30/month.

In the field of VPNs, Surfshark manages to combine a very low price, as long as you subscribe for a certain time, with no restriction on the number of simultaneous connections. It also offers some welcome services, such as an ad blocker, or the possibility of going through two places rather than one (multi-hop) to add a little protection.