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Australian government backflips on cancellation of Antarctica penguin surveys | Australia news

  The federal government has reversed its decision to cancel surveys of rapidly declining penguin populations in Antarctica and will send more scientists south this summer. The decision comes after Guardian Australia revealed the Australian Antarctic Division planned to cancel, delay or restrict dozens of science projects, according to a leaked planning document. The list …

A composite picture of Qatar Airways and Qantas airliners on the tarmac.
Travel in Australie

The government is facing an investigation over not letting Qatar Airways run more flights into Australia. This is how it unfolded

  A decision by the Australian government to deny Qatar Airways more flights into Australia “in the national interest” has been criticised by competitors, other businesses and the federal opposition, which has successfully established a parliamentary inquiry. This is how it unfolded. October 2022: Qatar applies for extra flights Qatar Airways’ chief executive Akbar al Baker says …

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Yemen: Boycott of negotiations by the government as long as Mohammed Qahtan cannot receive visits

AL-MOUKALLA: Yemeni government negotiators say they will boycott any further talks with the Houthis over UN-mediated prisoner swaps until the militia reveals the whereabouts of politician Mohammed Qahtan detained, and allow his family and government officials to visit him. In a message posted on Twitter, Hadi Haig, head of the government delegation in charge of …