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Figment Meet and Greet Debuts at EPCOT

  The new Figment meet and greet debuted inside the Imagination! Pavilion at EPCOT on the morning of September 10. The highly-anticipated start date of the interaction opportunity was announced at Destination D23 2023. Figment Meet and Greet Area Initial lines formed before the Imagination! Pavilion even opened, with a large group assembling outside of …

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Pencils with teeth: meet the tiny cookiecutter shark that attacked a catamaran off Cairns | Sharks

  The small sharks that damaged a catamaran off the coast of Cairns have been described as “pencils with teeth” and they have a history of trying to eat inanimate objects, including submarines. Three people were rescued from the inflatable vessel and the Russian Geographic Society – which was involved with the sailor’s round-the-world expedition …