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A fishing vessel in Greenland will try to free a cruise ship that ran aground with 206 people

  COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — A fishing vessel owned by Greenland’s government will attempt to use a high tide to pull free a Bahamas-flagged Norwegian cruise ship carrying 206 people that ran aground in the world’s northernmost national park, authorities said. Capt. Flemming Madsen of the Danish Joint Arctic Command told The Associated Press that …

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Travel influencer hits back at trolls who accused her of having ‘rich parents’ after she urged people to ‘just book a flight’ to Thailand

  A travel influencer had some choice words for those who’d leveled accusations that ‘daddy’s money’ funds her jet-setting lifestyle. The initial backlash toward the creator, Kat Crittenden, came following a clip of the California native basking in the sun while submerged in clear, turquoise water at a swimming spot in Thailand. ‘What are y’all still …

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22nd edition of the annual holiday barometer by Europ Assistance: 3 out of 4 French people will travel this summer, but with a budget under surveillance

Europ Assistance unveils the global results of the 22e edition of its annual holiday barometer, conducted by Ipsos, which analyzes the holiday desires of the French for this summer 2023 as well as 14 other countries [1]. If the Covid-19 seems more distant, inflation in turn disrupts the plans of holidaymakers. Key lessons [2] : …