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Five unanswered questions in the mystery boat voyage after art expert died off Sydney Harbor – and tech guru remains missing presumed dead

The ill-fated boat trip off Sydney Harbor which led to the death of a high-profile art expert and presumed death of a tech guru has raised several questions that remain unanswered. No explanation is at hand for why Andrew Findlay, 51, and Indigenous art dealer Tim Klingender, 59, went out fishing in dangerous seas at …

Travel in Australie

Virginia Woolf’s copy of debut novel The Voyage Out featuring handwritten notes rediscovered and digitized by University of Sydney

How do great authors begin? In 1907, aged 25, Virginia Woolf embarked on her first novel: an epic journey that would ultimately span more than a decade and several mental breakdowns and influential relationships, with multiple drafts before its publication in 1915 and then subsequent revisions. The result was The Voyage Out: The tale of …