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Travel in Thailand

THAILAND – CHRONICLE: Traveling and planning, mirages and Thai realities

Our friend Patrick Chesneau tackles in this column a subject that concerns all visitors: How to discover Thailand? Leaving unexpectedly? Meeting the challenges of the unknown? Attempt the “unexpected”? Permanent improvisation? Or, conversely, should we favor finicky preparation, a sort of overly meticulous planning? Leave nothing to chance? Anticipating everything down to the smallest detail? …

Travel in Thailand

ASIA – THAILAND: Thailand and 11 other Indo-Pacific countries join forces for semiconductors and medicines

Ministers from Thailand, the United States, Japan and 11 other countries in the Indo-Pacific region agreed on Saturday to build supply chain resilience for essential goods such as semiconductors and medicines. , in order to respond more quickly to emergency situations. The agreement on essential goods and technologies was reached at a meeting of the …