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Travel in Australie

Traveling – Fearless in Love Review

We’re long-time fans of Australia’s To travel around these parts. Steel Drum has been writing about them for nearly 12 years but has finally released the band to someone else’s opinion. I’ve broadly agreed with his views, the band’s career having ranged from great (The Meaning of I, Ghost Mile), to good (I Am the …

Travel in Thailand

THAILAND – CHRONICLE: Traveling and planning, mirages and Thai realities

Our friend Patrick Chesneau tackles in this column a subject that concerns all visitors: How to discover Thailand? Leaving unexpectedly? Meeting the challenges of the unknown? Attempt the “unexpected”? Permanent improvisation? Or, conversely, should we favor finicky preparation, a sort of overly meticulous planning? Leave nothing to chance? Anticipating everything down to the smallest detail? …

travel in Europe

5 tips for traveling cheaper

Because summer is fast approaching and with it a mad desire to travel, we have compiled for you the 5 commandments to travel cheaply. When do we leave ? © Unsplash If we (almost) all like to travel and set off to discover the world, this does not prevent this pronounced taste for adventure from …