With climate change and environmental concerns, the way we travel is changing. THE alternative means of transport are gaining momentum, offering travelers a new perspective on the world. These modes of transportation reduce our carbon footprint while making travel more authentic and rewarding.

Discover the beauty of the landscapes by bike or on foot

Cycling and hiking are two of the greenest transportation methods that exist. These forms of non-motorized travel have the advantage of connecting us directly to nature, allowing us to fully enjoy the landscapes and wildlife. In addition, they promote better health through physical activity. From the EuroVelo, a network of 15 long-distance cycling routes across Europe, to Spain’s famous Camino de Santiago, the options are endless for those who wish to travel this way.

Sailboats, an elegant and environmentally friendly way to cross the oceans

For those looking to cross the oceans, the sailing trip offers a ecological and poetic alternative to traditional cruises. With a little know-how, you can sail using only the wind, leaving a minimal ecological footprint. Several organizations offer courses to learn to sail, and many sailboat owners are looking for crew to accompany them on their crossings.

Carpooling and hitchhiking, economical and social options for traveling over short distances

Carpooling and hitchhiking are other alternative ways to travel differently. In addition to being economical, they allow you to meet and exchange with local people. Platforms like BlaBlaCar facilitate carpooling, while hitchhiking remains a widely used means of transport in many countries.

Home swapping to minimize the impact of tourism on the environment

Finally, although it is not a means of transport strictly speaking, the exchange of houses can be considered as an alternative way of travelling. In addition to saving on accommodation costs, this practice helps to minimize the impact of tourism on the environment. Platforms like HomeExchange facilitate these exchanges, allowing people around the world to share their homes.

The resurgence of night trains, a romantic and ecological means of transport

With the resurgence of overnight trains, traveling from city to city or even country to country can be an experience too romantic than ecological. These trains offer a comfortable and affordable alternative to flying for long journeys. In Europe, for example, Interrail makes it possible to travel by train through 31 countries at a favorable rate.

Motorhome rental for independent and flexible travel

RV rental is another alternative way to travel. It offers great flexibility, allowing you to modify your itinerary at will and stay as long as you want at each destination. In addition, it encourages more responsible consumption by allowing people to cook for themselves and thus reduce waste related to fast food.

Travel is a personal experience that can take many forms. As the world changes and we realize the importance of protecting our environment, alternative means of transport offer new ways to explore the world. They allow us to travel slowly, immerse ourselves in local culture and minimize our impact on the planet. So the next time you’re planning a trip, consider these alternatives. You might be surprised by what you find.