Vacances d’été : ces 10 destinations du monde sont les pires à visiter !

Holidays: Are you planning to go on holiday this summer and relax? Be careful, some destinations are to be avoided if you want to have a good holiday while respecting the environment and avoiding crowds. Fodor’s Travel guide has compiled a list of the 10 worst places to visit in 2023.

10 destinations to preserve from tourism

These 10 destinations are very popular with tourists, but too many visitors harm the environment and local people. Travel is responsible for approximately 8% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and this figure is expected to increase by 2030.

Two natural sites in France particularly suffer from tourist overpopulation: Étretat and its cliffs, and the Calanques National Park near Marseille. Their large number of admirers causes soil erosion, loss of biodiversity and saturation of infrastructure. To protect these exceptional places, the local authorities have implemented measures to limit the number of visitors.

Holidays: destinations to avoid this summer

Europeans love to travel, but Fodor’s is concerned about the impact on popular destinations. Italy, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are among the ten destinations to avoid this summer. These scenic areas are often photographed on social media for their beauty.

The rest of the world is not left out: the West Coast of the United States and Hawaii are also in high demand. Less popular, Antarctica is also on this Fodor’s blacklist. The continent is a victim of global warming and pollution, so it is important to preserve it.

Destinations to avoid are:

  • Venice, Italy : the city is invaded by tourists who do not respect its cultural and architectural heritage. The city is also threatened by rising waters and flooding. A tax project for visitors is under study.
  • The Amalfi Coast, Italy : this region located south of Naples is famous for its picturesque landscapes and colorful villages, but it is also very popular with tourists who create traffic jams on the narrow roads and saturate the beaches. The Amalfi Coast is also vulnerable to landslides and earthquakes. The same goes for the island of Capri, located a stone’s throw away.
  • Cornwall, England : this region of south-west England is prized for its wild coastlines and local traditions. But it is also faced with strong tourist demand which is driving up property prices and making life difficult for residents.
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands : the Dutch capital is famous for its canals, museums and festive atmosphere. But it is also overwhelmed by tourists who affect the quality of life of local residents.
  • Lake Tahoe, USA : this lake located between California and Nevada is threatened by pollution, global warming and forest fires. It has lost its iconic blue color and its water quality has deteriorated. Mass tourism damages the natural ecosystem.
  • Maui to Hawaii, USA : this paradise island welcomes more than 3 million tourists a year, which causes traffic jams, water shortages and tensions with the inhabitants.
  • Antarctica : the white continent is attracting more and more holidaymakers looking for adventure and a change of scenery. However, Antarctica is very vulnerable to climate change and pollution. The human presence disturbs the fragile ecosystem and accelerates the melting of the ice.
  • Thailand : the land of smiles is a leading destination for world tourism. It offers a great diversity of landscapes, cultures and activities. But it also faces environmental and social issues related to overtourism. Thailand has closed several natural sites to protect them from degradation caused by tourists.

These destinations are not to be banned forever, but it is important to think before you go there in 2023. There are other equally beautiful and interesting places to discover in the world, without harming their preservation or that of their inhabitants. Traveling out of season to these places also allows you to preserve them, while enjoying absolute calm to have a good time there.