If you’re planning on traveling this summer on a “low budget,” there are a few destinations you can already avoid—or at least seem less appealing to you. Indeed, some regions and countries of the world focus their tourism strategy more on so-called “quality” tourists, in other words, with more substantial financial provisions. The Travel Off Path site has compiled a list of destinations that want to distance themselves from small purses. As the site indicates, these areas will bet on high-end and more “exceptional” offers.

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Are the days of economical trips to the paradise island over? Unsurprisingly, Bali is one of the destinations that wants to gradually eradicate acts of “debauchery” and lewdness. For several months now, the Indonesian government has been indignant at the acts deemed immoral by certain tourists. Pollution, nudity in sacred places and other acts of the same nature seem to multiply on the paradise island. Travel Off Path reports that Indonesia plans to move “from quantity to quality”: “We don’t want backpackers to come to a clean Bali. We want quality visitors”, declared the Indonesian Minister of Maritime Coordination, at the end of the pandemic.

In order to strengthen “quality” tourism, the island asks locals to report all acts considered disrespectful, introduce a driving ban for tourists and a tourist tax.

New Zealand

Rest assured, all types of tourists are—for now—welcome to New Zealand. On the other hand, the country – like Bali – wants to focus on attractions for “big spenders”. In August 2022, New Zealand Tourism Minister Stuart Nash made it clear that the time has come to focus on spendthrift tourists. A Guardian article reported that Nash wants “shameless targeting” wealthy tourists before those who travel “by eating noodles cooked in two minutes”.

According to Travel Off Path, this is not the first time that the New Zealand Minister has spoken out on this subject, earlier the same year he had proclaimed that New Zealand’s will is to welcome visitors “who fly in business class, rent helicopters, go around Franz Joseph and then go to a high-end restaurant”.

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Lanzarote, Spain

Renowned for its ideal climate all year round, the most visited island of the Canaries also intends to give priority to the biggest budgets. More specifically, Lanzarote wishes to slow down its dynamic around British tourists who represent 50% of visitors. In addition, a Euronews article explains that the British are notorious for their “showy” behavior and points out that the president of Lanzarote, María Dolores Corujo, considered overcrowding a “threat” to the island.

Finally, at the beginning of 2023, the president of the island corporation of the island, Dolores Cabildo, declared that Lanzarote has already committed to a model of quality tourism by guaranteeing the “unique” character of certain formulas, according to the Economía Digital website.


“We can’t let people come to Thailand and say it’s cheap”. These are the words of the Thai Deputy Prime Minister, Aunitin Charnvirakul, in July 2022 during a tourist event. The words are said. Make way for quality. According to the minister’s remarks, relayed by Travel Off Path, Thailand must move towards “high-end tourism” in order to guarantee a better reputation and “improve the country’s economy”. According to the site specializing in tourism, this path has already been taken since, from now on, it is necessary to obtain a digital nomad visa which is only accessible for travelers who earn more than 80,000 dollars per year.

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hong kong

Last month, a local Hong Kong lawmaker exclaimed in the middle of a legislative session: “Can we have quality tourists?”. Faced with certain disrespectful behavior, some politicians and locals on the island have expressed their dissatisfaction. An article in the Japan Times reported on the strong tensions among the Hong Kong population vis-à-vis mass tourism. Locals say the tour groups are “too loud”. On the business side, they point the finger at “tighter” budget tourists who do not consume “enough”. Some businesses note indeed expenses that would only be limited to “minor purchases”.

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