James Bond is a British actor, a Bond Girl, action, a colorful villain, but also splendid and often very real sets. While the name of the next actor to take over the role left by Daniel Craig after Dying can wait is not yet known, here are 20 shots of the most beautiful filming locations used in the cult license.

Holy Trinity Monastery

It is the oldest among the monasteries of Meteora: it dates from 1476. It was richly endowed with precious objects and manuscripts, but the Treasury was looted during the Second World War.

Pinewood Studios

It may not be a place that looks spectacular at first glance, but Pinewood Studios is home to Eon Production, the company that helms the James Bond films. It is therefore in this headquarters of the group that they are partly filmed and produced. The film set is also called “Albert R. Broccoli 007”, in homage to the producer of the first 16 opuses Albert Broccoli.

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Headquarters of the SIS

The Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6, is located at Vauxhall Cross, like in Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig films. It is now directed by Richard Moore.


IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES The best James Bond filming locations

This very touristic town in Austria is home to the rGaislachkogl restaurant, where Madeleine Swann’s medical clinic is located in Spectre. The city has been home to the Alpine Skiing World Cup since 1993.

Holy Trinity Monastery

This breathtaking Greek building dating from 1476 was built in the region of Meteora, famous for its Orthodox monasteries built on rocky peaks. Its treasury was plundered during the Second World War.

james bond island

The “Khao Phing Kan” island, visible in The Man with the Golden Gun, has since become James Bond Island. This splendid place in Phang Nga National Park, Thailand, is now the victim of an influx of tourists threatening the ecosystem.

Chantilly Castle

Have you ever visited one of the most beautiful French castles? It is at the heart of the action of Dangerously Yours, A sight to kill in the language of Shakespeare. Built from 1386, the current version was modernized several times and in the 17th century became the domain of the Condé, the family of the illustrious Grand Condé who opposed the king and Mazarin during the Fronde.

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Karnak Temple

The temple located in Luxor is present in The Spy Who Loved Me. Roger Moore strolls following his capture by Shark in the magnificent ruins developed over more than 2000 years by the Egyptian dynasties.

Himeji Castle

The 14th century castle is made of period wood, which has never been ravaged by fires like other castles. It is very popular in the cinema because of its astonishing state of preservation.

Glencoe Valley

The Valley of the Bond Mansion was used for the filming of Sky Fallbut also… Du Pprisoner of azkabanthe third installment of Harry Potter.

Ponte Acquedotto

A city full of history, Gravina in Puglia was colonized by Greeks, Romans, Lombards, Byzantines, Muslims from North Africa… It is partly famous for the Ponte Acquedotto from which James Bond jumps into Dying can wait; infrastructure was reinforced with metal sheets to allow stunts.

The Sugar Loaf

The great mass of rock overlooking Rio de Janeiro facing Christ the Redeemer is the scene of a confrontation between James Bond and Requin, the henchman with the steel teeth.

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Lake Palace

This Indian palace, Octopussy’s lair, has served as the residence of many personalities in history, from the Viceroy of India Lord Curzon to Queen Elizabeth II, including the King of Iran and Jacqueline Kennedy.

Chateau d’Anet

This castle from which James Bond escaped in a jetpack had a turbulent history and was partly ransacked during the French Revolution; it is now classified as a historical monument.

Goldeneye Villa

The Goldeneye villa is in a way the place of conception of the license, since Ian Fleming wrote his novels in this idyllic place in Jamaica. Doctor No, Live and Let Die, The Man with the Golden Gun were partly filmed on the surrounding beaches and settings.

Ernest Hemingway House

It is in this house that M tries to convince James Bond to stop his vendetta following the attack on his friend Felix Leiter in License to Kill; the American writer hosted a hundred cats in the garden of this house.

Karlovy Vary

The Czech spa town where Casino Royale installs the James Bond hotel is famous for its colorful houses and its film festival; it has been a popular tourist destination since the 19th century.


The half-frozen Icelandic lake is the film antagonist’s haunt die another day ; it was created by the melting of a glacier between 1934 and 1935 and is the deepest lake in Iceland, dropping to 284 meters.

Seven Mile Bridge

This gigantic bridge is the one from which Franz Sanchez escapes into License to kill ; it extends over more than 10 kilometers.

Furka Pass

This Swiss lace-up collar sets the stage for a memorable chase of one of the most beloved James Bonds, Goldfingerreleased in 1964.

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