There are weeks when the days go by at breakneck speed, and you only realize at the end of the weekend that you’ve lost track of the act. The Surf-Report summary is there for that! Find at a glance the articles that should not be missed this week.

>> Interview Julien Marticorena, the elite of French sport rescue – I like this sport for its diversity, we evolve in all conditions and with different supports.”

Less known and represented in France than it may be elsewhere on the planet, sport rescue is indeed practiced along the French coasts. Julen Marticorena is part of the elite of this sport, which he has been practicing since the age of six on the beaches of the Basque Country. His practice in competition has allowed him to travel to measure himself against athletes who also practice this sport at a high level. Currently between New Zealand and Australia, Julen gave us an interview, during which he talks about his beginnings in this sport, the values ​​he conveys, his prize list, his goals in competition and his attachment to the beaches of Biarritz, where he learned everything. Champion of France, Europe and the world, the Frenchman has distinguished himself many times in his sport. He also practices surfing, bodysurfing, longboarding, kneeboarding.

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>> Contest – Tristan Guilbaud and Tya Zebrowski win the first stage of the Banque Populaire Surf Tour 2023 – At only 12 years old, Tya notably becomes the youngest winner of a Federal Open competition.

Seeded n°1, the Vendéen Tristan Guilbaud won the final of the first stage of the Banque Populaire Surf Tour 2023, Sunday May 14 in waves of 1m20 at Sauzaie (Vendée). At only 12 years old, Tya Zebrowski imposed herself on the ladies, thus becoming the youngest winner of a federal open competition.

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>> Voyages – The search for perfect waves at its peak – The continuation of the “Maps to Nowhere” series with three new episodes.

“That’s why we do surf trips.” These are the words of Torey Meister, present during the second surftrip organized by Matt Rode, in search of perfect waves, with no one on the horizon. This time, the journalist brought with him Cory Lopez, legend of the CT always in great shape, Brett Barley native of the Outer Banks and specialist in the barrels, the South African Eli Beukes and Torey mentioned above. The team has embarked on a very long journey to a destination unknown to us. The most persistent and passionate among you can embark on research, on the lookout for the slightest clue left by Matt and the film crew, to hope to be in their place one day.

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>> Travels – Chromance, a Breton in Australia – Hugo joined Harley Ingleby for a 4×4 trip to the kangaroos.

Currently in Australia, Hugo Tosetti is taking the opportunity to continue his Chromance project started in Brittany. Le Bigouden discovers the joys of virgin beaches accessible by 4×4, something impossible in the bay of Audierne and its surroundings. For good reason, the coast is classified Natura 2000 and the fauna is also protected. This time Hugo is accompanied by local Harley Ingleby. The Australian is familiar with these small paths that lead to great peaks where surfing alone is still possible.

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>> Swell Alert – Sessions during the Teahupo’o disaster – Gigantic waves rolled down during code red.

You may not know this, but in Tahiti and other Pacific islands, weather alerts are color-coded from green, normal sea state, to red, extremely dangerous, to orange which means danger. Shippers around the world knew what was in store that day. They all took a flight towards this land lost in the middle of the ocean. But what they could not predict was that the village on the shore in front of which one of the most famous waves in the world unfolds would suffer the rage of an uncontrollable nature. 20 feet and more is the title of this video and for good reason it is the size of the waves that hit the reef that day, as if the entire ocean was concentrated in a single place.

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