PortAventura World attire près de 5 millions de visiteurs par an.

How many visitors are attracted by the travel themes offered by PortAventura World?

On 105 hectares bordering the Mediterranean, near Barcelona, ​​Spain, PortAventura World offers families and young people a unique setting where adventure, dreams and emotion are kings. It is the resort with the largest number of theme parks in Europe: from China to Mexico, from the Far West to Polynesia via the Mediterranean. Not to mention the Caribe Aquatic Park, Ferrari Land, for Scuderia fans, and SésamoAventura, where you can find the most popular characters from the cult show “Sesame Street” for children from 1 year old…

With 42 attractions, 13,500 performances per year, 47 catering outlets, 44 shops, 5 themed 4-star hotels, one 5-star hotel, two external hotels with 2,700 rooms and a convention center capable of accommodating 6,000 people, PortAventura World has received , since its creation in 1995, nearly 100 million visitors. It is the second tourist destination in Europe!

Following the record temperatures last April in Spain, how do you manage water for the summer season?

Since our creation, we have been confronted with the heat and the problem of sustainable water management. Moreover, we must be accountable to the local authorities. The park has been designed so that 27% of the water consumed comes from a regeneration process, in order to reduce our hold on natural water.

We are also in the process of linking the Caribe water park into a single network, in order to redirect water where it is needed most. We also collect water from the water park not used in winter to reuse it in water-based attractions, such as those in the Polynesian zone. Finally, we use the treated water for watering the plants.

David Garcia, general manager of the PortAventura World theme park.

David Garcia, general manager of the PortAventura World theme park.paw

What are your actions in terms of renewable energies?

Since 2016, 100% of our energy consumption has been of renewable origin, therefore without CO emissions2. Next June, we will inaugurate our 6 MW peak photovoltaic farm, i.e. self-consumption of up to 30% of our needs. This represents 1,102 solar panels spread over 6.4 hectares, the equivalent of 9 football fields. It is the largest installation of this type in a resort in Spain.

In a second phase, between now and the end of the year, we will cover the canopies that shade our employees’ parking spaces with photovoltaic panels for a power of 3.5 MW peak. This is an investment of 18 million euros. Ultimately, our goal is to become self-sufficient in electricity. Likewise, to reduce our carbon footprint for journeys to destination, we are developing with Endesa the largest private installation of charging stations with 150 stations spread over 7 sites around the park. Above all, charging will be free for our employees as well as for visitors.

In April, you received the B Corp label (for Benefit Corporation). What does this mean for your business?

For our 3,800 employees, this is the result of two years of work, so rigorous is the standard’s reference! This label, born in the United States, certifies companies that have a positive societal and environmental impact. An important point when we want to recruit. One of the first questions from candidates is: “What are you doing on a social and societal level? We are also proud of the PortAventura Dreams social project. A pioneer in Europe, it is made up of six equipped houses (soon to be ten) to accommodate children with serious illnesses free of charge for a week with their families. Two hundred families selected by partner hospitals have already benefited from it. We are targeting 340 families per year.