In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”… Chloé stays at Evan’s bedside, while Hélène decides to return to the gallery and work on Christian’s project with Alix.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 in Such a big sun…

Hélène returns to work at the gallery

Hélène walks on the beach and reminisces about her relationship with Christian. She then finds Victor at Les Sauvages and tells him that she will not be coming to work for him at La Paillote. She goes back to the gallery, but assures him that it has nothing to do with Christian.

She explains to him that there’s a lot of work at the moment and that she doesn’t want to abandon Alix. A few seconds after leaving, Victor receives a mysterious call.

For her part, Hélène finds Alix and Ulysses in the forger’s workshop. She explains to her friend that she has realized that now is not the right time to take a vacation. Alix makes things clear: if she wants to continue working with them on this new pictorial adventure, she must calm things down with Christian and be beyond reproach.

Christian arrives in stride to look at the canvases of Ulysses. Hélène apologizes to him for his attitude and she promises Christian that she will put her feelings aside in order to be professional. Christian does not hide his annoyance.

To ease the tension, Alix shows him the first painting of Ulysses. Christian is amazed by his work. He is impressed by her talent and finds the canvas exceptional. Christian then takes Alix aside to talk to her privately. He is not reassured by her presence, she still tried to trap him. Alix then explains to her that Hélène has understood her mistake.

But Christian no longer trusts Hélène. Fortunately, Ulysses is talented, otherwise he would have already given up. Christian then gives him part of the sum. She will have the rest when the sale is concluded.

Alix shares the money with Ulysse and Hélène. The latter is embarrassed because she believes she has done nothing to win it. Hélène is finally convinced and accepts the money. She then goes to the forest to practice shooting. She obviously played a game in front of Christian.

For his part, Ulysses goes to the roommate. He came to offer Bilal to go to Australia with him. Bilal is embarrassed: the trip is expensive and he doesn’t have the means. Ulysses reassures him. Half of the money he got is his, because if he hadn’t made the pigments, he couldn’t have painted the canvas. But Bilal refuses to touch a single penny of this money.

Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Elise. Ulysse tells her about their plan to travel to Australia, but the young woman is surprised, because such a trip is very expensive. The young painter then tells him that he has sold many paintings lately. But Billal fears that his friend has understood everything.

Evan is out of trouble

Following his injury, Evan is rushed to the hospital where he is taken care of by Alain. The doctor’s pulse is very weak and he has lost a lot of blood. The doctors decide to take him immediately to the operating room. In shock, Chloe tries to explain to Alain what has just happened.

The day has dawned. Robin joined his mother in the hospital. He is worried sick and fears the worst. He doesn’t understand why anyone would want to shoot his father. Chloe tries to reassure him. That’s when Alain joins them and tells them that the operation went well.

They were able to remove the bullet from Evan’s shoulder and stop the bleeding. Alain was afraid that the lung was affected, but, luckily, it was not. Evan is out of danger. But Alain decided to put him in an artificial coma to prevent him from suffering.

He’ll wake him up in a few hours. Chloe and Robin are relieved and throw themselves into each other’s arms. In the process, the teenager receives a call from his classmates, who wanted to hear from him and give him their support. Robin is touched and reassures them.

At the police station, Becker updates Elise and Akim on the investigation. The two police officers must question Chloé Cresson. She was too shocked the night before to answer their questions. Two witnesses confirmed seeing Evan throw himself at his wife at the time of the shot to protect her.

Unfortunately, they have no information on the shooter, and the car he was in. Becker then asks them to watch the video surveillance of the neighborhood in order to find the license plate of the shooter’s car and to dig into the life of the Cresson couple.

At the hospital, Chloe is at Evan’s bedside. Laurine comes to meet him to express his support and that of the team. Chloe thanks her and asks her to pass on all her thanks to the service for saving Evan’s life. Laurine advises her to go home to rest, but Chloé prefers to stay with her husband.

In the evening, Marc calls Chloé to hear from her. He learned through Louis what happened to Evan. So he wanted to know how she was doing. Marc also reminds Chloe that he is there if she needs anything.

Claire interrupts this discussion to warn Chloé that her husband is out of the coma, and that she can go see him. The latter hangs up hastily, then joins Evan in his room. The doctor remembers everything that happened. Chloe reminds him that he saved her life. Evan confesses to his wife that he was afraid of losing her. A mutual feeling. Evan tells his wife he loves her.