To prepare well for your future trip with your bacon, we recommend the book “A vélo en famille”. The authors, Jeanne Lepoix and Camille Boiardi-Franchi, share their adventures, their advice, their tips for fully understanding cycling in tribe mode; whether you are one, two, three or even more; whether you are a couple or a single-parent family; and even if your first microbe is still being made.

Traveling by bike as a family, “Ha but what courage!”

Traveling by bike as a family, "Ha but what courage!"

Ha but what courage! On the terrace of a café, at the top of a hill or even at a crossroads, we have lost count of the number of times we have heard this sentence and intercepted the admiring or amused but also sometimes compassionate looks of passers-by observing our family riding with their hair in the wind.“say Camille and Jeanne in the preface to their book on family cycling trips.

Demystifying cycling with children

In this book of more than 200 pages, the two cyclists wanted to demystify cycling with children. They offer an uninhibited vision of the family cycling trip while roaming. Above all, they answer a whole host of questions that you can ask yourself before taking your children on the roads of France or elsewhere.

How to continue pedaling during pregnancy? What budget should I plan for? What equipment to bring? How to manage fatigue, anxiety, impatience, desires and needs of your kids? They also address the topic of hardware scalability. And yes, a child grows up quickly, and you have to adapt technically (baby seat, trailer, follower bike, tow rope…etc).

10 cycling routes for going on a family trip

In this book to learn how to travel “by bike as a family”, you will also find a list of ten cycle routes, in France and in Europe (Belgium, Switzerland and Spain). From a short day trip to a long-distance bike trip, including a weekend trip or a week-long adventure. All with as many technical details as possible: distance of course, but also difficulties (elevation), best season, type of surface…

Jeanne and Camille have also made many connections with many experienced family bike travelers. Enough to feed the book with different testimonials, where future or young mothers, families or single parents share their experience of cycling travelers, their equipment, their advice.

To get this book, go to your nearest bookstore (by bike of course). If he doesn’t have it, he can order it from Tana Editions. Of course, you can also buy it with the click of a mouse from all the good online bookstores (even the one from the bald gentleman who sends people into space).

About the authors

Jeanne Lepoix

Graphic designer and freelance photographer, Jeanne Lepoix (on the left) likes to combine her two passions for images and cycling to report on her adventures. In 2020, Zoé moved on board, and she has already traveled thousands of kilometres: in her mother’s womb then in her cart. At ten months, she explores bumpy routes and nights in tents on her first big three-month family trip to discover her country, France.

Camille Boiardi Franchi

An engineer by training, Camille Boiardi-Franchi (on the right) fell into the cycling pot a few years ago, seeing it first as a mobility tool that respects climate issues, then as a leisure object. Since 2019, she has been traveling the roads of France with her family, first with three, and now with four. Camille is also a part-time writer for Weelz! and also host of the podcast La Pampa, in which she highlights stories of inspiring cycle travelers.

“A vélo en famille” published by Tana Editions / paperback 208 pages / Released March 30, 2023

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