The most enduring arctic tern

This medium-sized bird holds the record for the longest known migration. According to a study published in 2009, this species can travel up to 80,000 kilometers per year. It is characterized by its light color. In adults, the mantle and wings are light gray and the head black.

The white stork, the emblem of Alsace

White storks leave Europe, where they nest between August and September, flying south to reach Africa. Many go to Morocco. Rather solitary during the reproduction period, they then gather in large groups that can exceed a thousand individuals.

The Canada goose, the star

Made famous by the French documentary “Le Peuple migrateur” directed by Jacques Perrin in 2001, the flights of Canada geese are recognizable by the “V” formation adopted by these birds to better save their energy.

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The most common black-headed gull

It lives mainly in Europe and Asia, although it can also be seen in Africa and America during migration times. It is found on our Atlantic beaches in summer.

The pink flamingo, more recognizable

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It travels between Africa and the Mediterranean in search of food. These birds take refuge in warm regions in winter, locating their breeding colonies in the Mediterranean Basin and in West Africa. They move in large colonies.

The common crane, the most elegant

This wading bird with slate-grey plumage and plumed tail is one of the largest birds in Europe. Each fall, thousands of common cranes make a long journey together towards the sun.

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The mallard duck, the most resistant to the cold

The mallard duck is a partial migrant because, in the population, only a part of the individuals make the trip. This phenomenon seems to be increasing, particularly in cities where mallards seem to find sufficient food.

The pigeon, a beautiful pigeon

The pigeon, or wood pigeon, is the largest of the European pigeons, but also the most common. It is recognizable by the white feathers that form two plates on each side of the base of its neck. During migrations, wood pigeons fly south, cross the Mediterranean, and spend the winter in Africa. A majority converges on the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the Hautes-Pyrénées, the Haute-Garonne, the Ariège or the Pyrénées-Orientales where they can be the target of hunters.

The snow goose, the immaculate

Recognizable by its white plumage (except the primaries which are black), the very gregarious snow goose nests in large colonies in the arctic tundra from June onwards. The migration departure takes place in September. During the winter it mixes willingly with other species of geese such as the Canada goose.

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The hummingbird, the tireless

The hummingbird is a migratory bird that nests in the eastern United States and Quebec. It migrates to Florida between July and September. It is able to travel very long distances despite its small size. Most remarkable is that it never stops flying, even at night.

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