What if we let ourselves be tempted by a holiday abroad? Now that the Covid-19 pandemic is letting us sail towards other horizons, it’s an opportunity to treat yourself to the trip of your dreams. So we do not hesitate to cross the borders of France to to clear the mindto be out of place and above all to decompress!

Why leave France for your holidays?

Cross the hiking trails of the Balearic Islands, discover the wonders of Sardinia, dive into the heart of the varied landscapes of Denmark, get lost in the small alleys of Turkey and hurtle down the Swedish roads by bike, it’s time for an overview holidays abroad! Besides the fact of recharge your batteriestraveling outside France is also a good way to practice foreign languages ​​by talking with locals, but also to discover a completely different culture and open your mind. Traveling also means getting to know each other better and why not seize the opportunity to do some real soul-searching or simply to test a new life experience. Finally, traveling abroad doesn’t always cost more, but it allows you to create lasting memories and crisp anecdotes to tell!

What are the 5 seaside destinations not to be missed?

1. Denmark. Bornholm Island is located in the middle of the baltic seathis little gem of landscape diversity will delight fans of pretty, colorful wooden houses, bluish lakes, green forests and wheat fields. Chosen”best national destination“by the Danes, this island of 588km2 also offers superb panoramas of white sand beaches and blue sea, ideal for lovers of relaxation and swimming. For cycling enthusiasts, we get into Danish fashion by taking advantage of the many cycle paths in Bornholm. Heritage aficionados will be delighted to visit the medieval fortress of Hammershus and the 22 churches of the island, but will also like to get lost in the alleys of the city and be tempted by the traditional ceramics of Ronne!

2. Italy. Heading for the Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) in Sardinia towards Baja Sardinia. If one dreams of a soothing holiday based on sun, azure water and scuba diving or nautical activities, Sardinia is the perfect destination! For lovers of culture and heritage, the ruins, wrecks and ancient archaeological sites are legion. For the more revelers, the Baja Sardinia region is home to several nightclubs, one of which is even dug into the rock from a natural cave! Finally, the most epicureans among us will be delighted by the Sardinian gastronomy and its famous stuffed ravioli called “culugiones” or the famous thin pancakes typical of Sardinia called “pane carasau”.

3. Türkiye. Direction the city of Antalyawhich is also called the turkish riviera is full of places rich in historical heritage. Like the Vieux Port district, not to be missed, or the old town of Kaleici to visit bazaars, minarets and mosques but also the archaeological sites of Aspendos, Perge and Termessos. Another must-have: Antalya Archaeological Museum. Between sea and mountains, the landscapes consist of hilly peaks, transparent waters and even waterfalls, Düden waterfall is a breathtaking place! It is possible to visit the seaside resort by sea during a small cruise or to visit from the heights on Mount Tahtali which offers us a splendid view of Antalya.

Our reading advice

To be unbeatable on places not to be missed in terms of trips abroad, the Guide du Routard gives us their selection through the book “The 50 trips to make in his life”. It’s a real must have to have in your library, especially since this book is one of the top selling travel books on Amazon.