Whether it’s to enrich oneself culturally, discover new horizons, escape your everyday life or simply relax, traveling is often a feel-good experience. Unfortunately, the rates are often quite high, thus becoming an obstacle to a possible departure. Fortunately, economic destinations, more or less distant, allow you to enjoy stays without breaking the bank. You don’t know how to find them or make up your mind? Here is a selection of the best cheap travel destinations to choose from in 2023.

The selection of the 6 best cheap travel destinations to choose from in 2023:

Montenegro: a great cheap alternative to Croatia

Montenegro – DR

Exploring Montenegro means exploring an often overlooked European pearl at very affordable rates. Located between Croatia and Albania, this country is a model of diversity of landscapes: the country mixes, indeed, beaches of the Adriatic coast as well as mountains of the National Park of Durmitor. Hiking enthusiasts will be as thrilled by the park’s trails as they are captivated by the old town of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage gem. Ideal if you are fond of history and architecture, or simply pleasant walks. Add to that tasty local cuisine and you will understand why Montenegro is a destination not to be missed.

Most :

  • Diversified landscape, from the sea to the mountains;
  • A great cultural and historical richness, in particular the old town of Kotor, registered with UNESCO;
  • Original and delicious local cuisine;
  • The rates are ultra affordable compared to neighboring countries;
  • Impressive hikes in Durmitor National Park.

The lessers :

  • Flights not accessible at all airports;
  • A country not yet completely accustomed to mass tourism.
Lanzarote — Canary Islands
Lanzarote — Canary Islands – DR

The Canary Islands are already famous for their diversity of reliefs given the size of the archipelago. Lanzarote, a small island off the African coast, is the most obvious example. Indeed, this little corner of paradise brings together volcanoes in the Timanfaya National Park, white sand beaches, black sand beaches or caves dug by an underground lava river. You will find both seaside resorts with their whitewashed villas and rocky stretches of desert. To top it off, Lanzarote will seduce your taste buds with its local cuisine rich in fresh seafood. All at very affordable rates, especially at the last minute.

Most :

  • Remarkable volcanic landscapes, especially in Timanfaya National Park;
  • A variety of beaches, from white sand to volcanic black;
  • The artistic influence of César Manrique visible across the island;
  • A wide range of outdoor activities;
  • A local gastronomy highlighting seafood and fresh products.

The lessers :

  • The island is very windy;
  • Restricted access to a few natural sites.

Cyclades Islands — Greece: the choice between 250 islands for an ultra-accessible stay

Cyclades islands
Cyclades Islands – DR

The Cyclades are a Greek archipelago bathed in sunshine, which unfolds its charms in the heart of the Aegean Sea. These islands, famous in particular for their immaculate white villages, their blue shutters and their cobbled streets, offer a picture worthy of a postcard. Some islands, such as Naxos, Paros, Ios or Syros, are perfect for going cheap, benefiting from their relative anonymity (unlike Mykonos or Santorini, for example). These islands of the Cyclades, although more and more popular with tourists, still preserve a tranquility of their own. In short, you enjoy the magic of Greece, without breaking the bank.

Most :

  • Picturesque landscapes with white villages and blue shutters;
  • A choice of nearly 250 islands, for a variety of experiences;
  • A tranquility preserved despite the popularity of the destination;
  • An affordable accommodation offer, from €30 per night on certain islands;
  • Easy access via Athens or directly by plane on some islands.

The lessers :

  • The island of Mykonos can be more expensive due to its popularity with celebrities;
  • A ferry ride from Athens is required, which can be quite long depending on the destination.

Bulgaria: to discover Eastern Europe at a low price

Bulgaria – DR

Bulgaria, nicknamed “the vestibule of the Orient”, is an increasingly visited country, nestled in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. Here we are treated to a real pearl of Eastern Europe which offers an impressive cultural richness with, as a backdrop, a diversity of landscapes between mountain ranges and beaches of the Black Sea. You will be seduced by its capital, Sofia, as well as by the seaside resorts, such as Varna or Nessebar, one of the oldest cities in Europe. Not content with the very affordable prices of stays, life in Bulgaria is also up to 40% cheaper than in France, allowing you to indulge yourself, without breaking the bank.

Most :

  • A rich cultural and archaeological heritage;
  • Varied landscapes ranging from mountains to beaches;
  • A significantly lower cost of living than in many European countries;
  • A fairly simple accessibility thanks to flights arriving mainly in Sofia;
  • The possibility of enjoying seaside resorts in summer (Varna, Nessebar, etc.).

The lessers :

  • Accessibility to Sofia often requires additional journeys to more distant towns;
  • Good planning is required if you want to see it all.

Thailand: Asian beauty mixed with a rich culture and dream beaches

Thailand – DR

Even if Thailand is still a more expensive destination than the previous ones, it remains relatively accessible for traveling in this part of the globe, in particular thanks to the low cost of living. Here, it is a real combination of culture, paradisiacal landscapes and a very warm population. Metropolis of Bangkok, pristine beaches of Phuket or Ko Phi Phi, majestic temples of Chiang Mai… Whatever the location, this country will offer you a unique experience. Whether you want to relax, explore the green jungles or discover places steeped in history, Thailand is probably the destination for you.

Most :

  • Impressive natural landscapes, ranging from stunning beaches to lush jungles;
  • A rich and fascinating culture, with incredible temples and delicious cuisine;
  • The possibility of easy travel across the country thanks to internal flights and affordable trains;
  • The kindness and warm welcome of the local population;
  • Cheaper than other similar destinations, as well as a very low cost of living.

The lessers :

  • A fairly significant jet lag that requires time to adapt;
  • An intense tropical climate, with heat and relatively high humidity.

Portugal: a little-known treasure close to home

Portugal – DR

Imagine yourself on a golden beach bathed in sunshine, or strolling down cobbled streets lined with historic buildings. This is what awaits you in Portugal, a destination that has everything to please, without having yet been overwhelmed by mass tourism. History lovers will be seduced by the cities of Lisbon and Porto, rich in heritage as much as in culture. The landscapes are also sumptuous, especially in the Douro Valley, where the wine-growing landscape stretches as far as the eye can see. Beauty, a mild climate all year round, a warm welcome… All at really affordable prices.

Most :

  • An affordable destination close to France;
  • Diverse and varied landscapes;
  • A little less touristy than in more classic destinations;
  • A gastronomy of great richness.

The lessers :

  • In summer, the beaches in the south of the country can still be crowded;
  • A stay is not enough to discover all the riches of the country.

What is the cheapest month to travel?

In addition to choosing a cheap destination in order to save money while traveling, the departure period can also be interesting. As a general rule, the “low season” period, which is between October and April, often offers the most advantageous rates. This is also the case for the month of January, even if the reasons are more climatic. However, it also depends on the chosen destination. For example, for tropical countries, the rainy season must be taken into account, which is not necessarily the same depending on the continent.

Now you know the best cheap travel destinations to choose from. All you have to do is make up your mind and pack your bags to make the most of your inexpensive getaway.

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