Tendances de voyages

Do you want to go on a trip in 2023, but you don’t know which destination to choose? Here are the travel trends in 2023.

travel trends

Summer is already here! Is it time for you to take a vacation, but you don’t want to stay in France? Between Greece and its many assets, Spain and its beaches, the usa road trip and the african savannah, the choice of destination can be difficult. But you can rely on travel trends to have a truly extraordinary experience. Booking.com conducted a survey of thousands of travellers. Here are 4 trends that could give you vacation destination ideas 2023.

Destination unknown lands

Our world is vast and the desire of 50% of those surveyed is to go explore an unknown destination in 2023. They want to spend a shock vacation in a country or continent they have never visited before. According to them, the destination must be out of the ordinary. And this is not what is missing on planet Earth.

Have you ever been to Eastern Europe? This may be the time to go and visit the beautiful country that has always seduced you there. Why not set your sights on Macedonia, the wonderful pearl of the Balkans. Otherwise, you can offer yourself a history dive by opting for Georgia.

Uncharted Lands

And if you opt for Africa? It is the best destination for cheap holidays in 2023. You can opt for the beaches of the Seychelles, the fauna and flora of Kenya or an extraordinary experience in the Sahara.

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The witnesses of childhood

88% of people surveyed by Booking.com would like return to the places that marked their childhood. And you then? This would undoubtedly be a great opportunity for you to tread again the ground that saw you born or grow up. Most often it is a amazing experience seeing houses again and the places that marked your young years.

Also, if you already live where you grew up, you can choose to holiday destination the city or country of origin of your spouse or your parents. The idea is to awaken old memories.

Wilderness Survival Mode

If you have always spent your holidays in the city center, why not change location in 2023? This is already the program of several people. In 2023, they want get out of the cities and commune with nature. To this end, they want to try survivalism. But not to put yourself in danger.

Spend holidays surrounded by nature, is to find a restful place and pitch your tent there. Rest in the shade of the trees and become one with artistic nature, calm while the air whistles you a melodious tune, far from the noises of the city.

Renew with nature

If spending a holiday surrounded by nature is too dangerous for you, you can opt for one of the many campsites on the edge of the forest. Rather than renting a mobile home, you will opt for an outdoor location to pitch your tent.

Travel in virtual reality

What if you had the opportunity to travel and explore unknown lands without leaving your home, would you do it? In any case, 48% of respondents are already analyzing this possibility. Indeed, with a virtual reality headsetit is already possible to discover entire cities, meet new people and touch (or almost) local realities.

You can try this option to choose the best vacation destination in 2023 for you.