Summer is approaching and La Française des jeux is promising a trip for one of its online players to the site. You will be offered a four-night stay in one of the three destinations of the “Rendez-vous en Europe” operation. Whether you like the cold of Rovaniemi in Finland, the heat of Palermo in Sicily or the history of Vienna in Austria, you can try your luck by playing €10 minimum before this Sunday evening.

Take part in the raffle

“Rendezvous in Europe”: the FDJ wins a sumptuous trip

Experience adventure and luxury by winning the trip up for grabs at the occasion of this operation which takes place from June 5 to 11 on the website.

If you’re reading this article today, it’s still not too late to try your luck and maybe you – spring in the big draw that will take place on Monday.

For all participants in this special game, the Cheers site is also offering a draw of 10 photos to all participants who have played a minimum of €10.

Below here is how to participate for this operation, see you in Europe of the FDJ ⤵

  1. ✅ If you are still registered on, open your account by clicking here.
  2. ✅ Take advantage as a new player of an exceptional promo code allowing you to win 10 € of game credit on your account in a day minimum of five euros. To do this, discover the conditions of this FDJ promotional code on this page.
  3. ✅ You now only have four left to credit your FDJ account with a minimum amount of € 10 by credit card, PayPal PaySafe and play the draw scratch games that make you happy. Regardless of the game in which you take part, it is the total amount of your bets that will be taken into account for the “Rendezvous in Europe” operation.

❗Good to know: you can register up to 10 participations for the draw, in this case you will have to bet for 100 € of play before this Sunday January 11 at 11:59 p.m.

A trip to Italy, Austria or Finland to be won with FDJ

4 dream days in Vienna in a 5-star hotel

If you choose the romantic and historic capital of Vienna, you will stay in the magnificent 5-star Grand Ferdinand Hotel for four days. Don’t worry about your expenses, the trip from Paris is included in your trip as well as the breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the restaurants of the city.

A guided tour of the city center, an evening at the Vienna Opera and a visit to the central market are on the program.

Win a 4 day trip to Vienna
Win a 4-day trip to Vienna with FDJ with full board.

Romance and beach in Palermo for four days in a 5-star hotel

If you prefer the Italian sun, embark for Sicily and the magnificent city of Palermo which will welcome you for four days at the Grand Hotel des Palmes, a 5-star hotel with full board for the duration of your stay.

On the program for these four days, a guided city tour, a meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant and a free session.

Win a 4 day trip to Palermo
Win a 4-day trip to Parlermo in Sicily with FDJ and its Rendez-vous en Europe.

Meet Santa Claus in Rovaniemi!

The third destination is for you if you prefer the polar cold. Head to Finland and Santa Claus Village for four days in a sumptuous four-star hotel. You will stay in the atypical Nordic Treehouse hotel with full board and the FDJ concocts a program based on the aurora borealis and snowmobiling.

FDJ promotional offer: take part in this operation almost free of charge

Throughout the month of June, la Française des jeux and Tirage Gagnant are joining forces to offer you a special offer for new members which will bring you €10 of free game credit from the moment you use our code. exclusive promotion.

To take advantage of this offer, activate your promo code now by clicking on the “box” below.

Win a 4-day trip to Finnish Lapland.
Celebrate Christmas in Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

FAQ: questions about FDJ trips

How can we participate in the draw for the meeting in Europe?

To participate in the draw, nothing could be simpler! You simply have to bet for €10 on your favorite games, whether they are scratch games like CASH or Carré Or or draw games by playing, for example, Loto or Euromillions.

What is the deadline for entering the raffle?

You can bet until this Sunday, June 11, 11:59 p.m. to validate your participation for this FDJ operation. Any participation made after this time will not be taken into account for the operation.

What is the maximum number of entries for the draw?

You can accumulate up to 10 entries for the draw. To increase your chances of winning this operation, you will therefore have to play up to €100.

What are the destinations at stake during this FDJ operation?

Three destinations are offered by La Française des jeux for this meeting in Europe. You can go to Italy, Finland or Austria.

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