Amillis: three Briard car enthusiasts opened their garage in Amillis

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To find the car of your dreams, head to Amillis. Established since 2023 in the Les Baliveaux artisanal zone, LGR Auto Concept is an automobile dealership specializing in the sale and maintenance of new and used vehicles.

The garage is run by Larry, Quentin and Louison, three young and friendly Briards passionate about motor sports.

Specializing in German and sports models

» We have been in Amillis for a year. Initially, we were located in Boissy-le-Châtel, then we left for Damery, in Marne, before returning to Seine-et-Marne. “, explains Larry with a smile. A more practical move to “facilitate the importation of German vehicles into France from their offices”.

Indeed, LGR Auto has a little particularity: the garage specializes in German and sports cars. » There are all types of sports cars. We also sell a lot of Golf GTIs because it’s a model that is in high demand,” explains the enthusiast. Vehicles with thermal, hybrid or electric engines, professionals are still trying to expand their catalog. » Of course, we offer other models that are much more family-friendly and affordable, such as the 208, the Opel Corsa, etc.
Not too expensive cars with few kilometers. “, he adds.

A personalized research service

If you do not find what you are looking for there, it is possible to go through a personalized research service.

LGR Auto Concept is located in the Les Baliveaux artisanal zone, in Amillis. ©LGR Auto Concept

Indeed, if the desired vehicle is not available in the “showroom” (editor’s note. On site, directly in the garage), LGR Auto Concept carries out all procedures with its partners, from research to delivery. » For example, if someone is looking for an old American car, we find it for them. “, explains Larry, “We really enjoy doing research. Especially requests with special or unique configurations.”

Low-cost car rentals

Another service is offered by the dealer: low-cost vehicle rental. “For vehicles of 4 to 5 people, insurance included, prices start at €100 per week,” announces Larry. However, only three cars are currently available for rental: a Peugeot 2008 for families, a Clio 4 and a latest model Twingo.

Videos: currently on Actu

Many projects for 2024

The three young men are buzzing with ideas. At the same time, these enthusiasts wish further develop their YouTube channel : » We are going to offer videos in the form of “vlogs” (editor’s note. This is a video blog shared online). Our job allows us to travel a lot in Belgium, Spain, Germany… We will make immersive videos,” explains the professional.

The second project this year: the organization of car races on the La Ferté-Gaucher circuit. » The objective is to bring our partners to France for car racing on circuits. Unfortunately, I don't think our customers will be able to participate… But, it will certainly be possible to attend the races as a spectator.” No date has been set at the moment, but “it should happen in good weather, probably around August,” concludes Larry.

LGR Auto Concept, Cube City, ZA les Baliveaux in Amillis Tel: 06 99 05 25 08 Mail: (email protected)

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