Apparently expensive, is the myEuropcar subscription a good deal?

The car rental company Europcar is expanding its offering and is now offering long-term rentals. What are the prices hiding?

The business model of car rental companies is becoming more complicated. Unprecedented competition, decline in tourism on the altar of ecology, increases in the price of raw materials, payroll… It is not good to be a traditional car rental company.

In addition, for individuals, leasing offers from manufacturers are becoming less and less expensive. But there remains hope and hope for firms that know how to take advantage of every situation. Sixt launched the movement a few years ago: renting your car long-term as you would for a weekend. And it's not that stupid!

First of all, what is the disadvantage of an LLD with a manufacturer?

Commitment over a long period of time can be a problem. LLD contracts generally extend over several years (2 to 5 years on average). This commitment period may be restrictive for tenants whose mobility needs change.

The LLD also assumes a first rent that is often very high which, smoothed over 36 months for example, is not neutral.

myEuropcar 2024

What is the myEuropcar car subscription?

myEuropcar offers a flexible car subscription, presenting itself as an alternative to long-term rental (leasing) or purchasing a vehicle. This subscription can be accessed in a few minutes via a simple online procedure. It is distinguished by a fixed monthly rate encompassing a “tranquility package”, covering various costs such as technical inspection, registration, maintenance, wear and tear, insurance, and more. Customers have the option to choose between different minimum commitment durations (1, 3, or 6 months), after which the subscription is renewed monthly, depending on the user's needs.

What does the monthly price of the myEuropcar subscription include?

The myEuropcar subscription offers the experience of owning a car without the constraints of ownership. The basic monthly rate includes 750 km per month (only 9,000 kilometers per year, be careful!!!), an additional driver at no cost and a standard protection package with excess. When booking, it is possible to personalize the subscription with additional options, such as larger mileage packages, extended protection levels, or even home delivery and collection of the vehicle. Among the benefits included are registration, vehicle tax, technical inspection, maintenance and wear costs, changing and storing tires, which is very useful when living in a region covered by the Mountain Law. , as well as liability insurance and theft protection.

Are there any registration fees?

With the myEuropcar subscription, no entry fees are required, thus simplifying access to this service. That's a good point.

Is there a security deposit?

The subscription includes a Basic Protection package, limiting financial liability in the event of damage. A security deposit of €750 is required, refunded after the end of the subscription, the return of the vehicle, and the payment of all amounts due. The subscription is billed monthly, with payment of the first month and the deposit upon reservation.

Can I choose my car model?

The subscriber receives a vehicle from the reserved category, with the possibility of selecting a model guaranteed under certain conditions. The offer includes a wide range of vehicles, ranging from city cars to SUVs, available in thermal or electric versions. The myEuropcar fleet includes vehicles from renowned manufacturers such as Citroën, Peugeot, Opel, Fiat, Lexus, Volkswagen, Renault, Tesla, Toyota, Nissan, Dacia, Hyundai, etc.

What mileages are included in the basic package?

Each month, the subscription includes 750 km. This is little. For those requiring more mileage, up to 6 additional packages of 500 km each can be added when booking, reaching up to 3,750 km per month.

Please note, smoking is prohibited on board!

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside myEuropcar vehicles. This ban applies to all types of tobacco products, including traditional cigarettes, cigars, pipes, as well as electronic cigarettes. Customers are urged to respect this rule to avoid additional costs associated with cleaning the vehicle upon return.

Conversely, the transport of pets is permitted in myEuropcar vehicles, provided they are contained in appropriate transport crates. This measure aims to prevent damage or dirt to the interior of the vehicle. It is important to note that the cleaning costs necessary to return the vehicle to its initial condition will be the responsibility of the customer in the event of non-compliance with this instruction.

With the myEuropcar subscription including a Tesla vehicle, customers benefit from access to the TESLA application. This application, downloadable to a mobile phone, offers various functionalities, including remote control of the vehicle. To use Tesla Superchargers, you are required to enter your credit card information in the app. The costs of recharges carried out at these stations, as well as any penalties imposed by Tesla for a connection time exceeding the necessary charge, will be automatically debited from this card. If the banking information is not provided or is invalid, the costs corresponding to top-ups and penalties will be passed on in full to the customer by Europcar.

Termination of subscription

The subscription can be terminated at any time, with specific conditions if termination occurs before the end of the minimum commitment period. Excess mileage charges may apply depending on offer conditions.


The myEuropcar offer, at first glance quite expensive, is ultimately not that uninteresting. We could particularly think of its use during the holidays. 500 euros for a month of use, that's competitive. For longer periods, the inclusion in the calculation of the disappearance of “secondary” costs such as insurance, maintenance or discount are aspects to take into account, because they quickly become expensive.

Finally, flexibility is not a luxury at a time when everything is moving very quickly: employment, ecology, geopolitics, technology. The idea of ​​not being committed for long periods of time is a good point.

Obviously, the rents charged are not always consistent. A Peugeot E-208 or a much more generous and statutory Renault Megane E-Tech are offered at the same price of 499 euros / month. Ditto, a Tesla Model Y at 999 euros/month, which is plentiful when a Skoda Enyaq drops to 669 euros/month.

Note also the presence of an MG MG5 station wagon at 509 euros/month, but also many other thermal or hybrid vehicles oscillating in the same vein.

Finally, remember to carefully negotiate the model that will be delivered to you, because the logic responds to a notion of “category”. Faced with the Renault Megane E-Tech, you might as well get an MG MG4. Rather than a Peugeot 5008, a Volkswagen Touran. Rather than a Cupra Formentor a Volvo XC40. Rather than a Volkswagen Golf, a Fiat 500X or an MG ZS. Etc.

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