Backed by David Beckham, this electric car company ceases operations

Due to delays in transitioning fleets to zero-emission vehicles, the company has stopped production.

The company of electric vehicles Lunaz ceased production and operation of garbage truck fleets. Supported by football star David Beckham, who holds 10% of the shares, it has failed to achieve the government's objectives in terms of ecological transitiontowards 0 broadcast. The part concerning private vehicles will continue its activity.

The company, set back by a 0 emissions law

This box is responsible forelectrify passenger carsbut also professional and industrial vehicles. But all three companies are now at a standstill. Closure of the business threatens 40 jobs even if the operation of private cars will continue. The spokesperson for the Lunaz company declared in the press: “The Lunaz Group is currently in a restructuring phase to adjust its activities and operations to respond to changing market dynamics. »

Indeed, delays in legislation requiring fleets to switch to zero-emission vehicles have caused the company to close. The idea is to stop the company's activity in order to restart soon with a new structure that will meet current demand towards the company's passenger and utility vehicles.

Unfulfilled commitments

Despite several contracts to respect, Lunaz was unable to meet demand. For example, Buckinghamshire Council last year entered into a £578,000 contract with the company, which was to deliver electric garbage trucks. The latter were to operate north of Aylesbury. But now delivery will not take place. The deputy head of the Council declares: “We are in contact with Lunaz to see the impact of this news on our agreement because we wanted to convert one of our garbage trucks to an electric vehicle. It is also a Buckinghamshire expenditure which is affected. »

Lunaz also had a contract with the waste management company Biffa. It needed to switch 10 trucks to electric vehicles… Anthony Holley, fleet director at Biffa, said his company remains committed to moving to zero-emission vehicles. He counts transform 10% of its vehicles in trucks operating with alternative fuels next year, and by 2030 to fossil fuels. He concludes : “A range of alternative fuels will help us achieve our goal, such as hydrogenated electric vegetable oil, biomethane and hydrogen. We want to continue our work with the Lunaz group when its commercial vehicle operations resume. »

All does not seem lost for the company supported by David Beckham, which is experiencing a slight setback. That's the case to say…

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