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Xiaomi's first electric car is in the starting blocks. Officialized at the end of the year and present at the MWC in Barcelona, ​​the SU7 will arrive in China in a few days. The manufacturer is preparing by delivering the first examples to dealerships, allowing the curious to see the car up close, and even get on board. Indeed, we were able to approach the electric SU7 Max in Barcelona without being able to sit behind the wheel.

We had to be satisfied with the official images offered by the manufacturer, or trust the zoom of our smartphones and cameras to see the details of the car. The Chinese media IT Home goes further by publishing a series of photos of the interior of the SU7.

Images revealed just before the launch of the SU7

The photos conform to the official photos and confirm the presence of several screens. The 16.1-inch central screen sits at the front with that of the dashboard while two screens take place at the rear. They attach to the headrests of the front seats, but Xiaomi is far from focusing only on touchscreen. Its first electric car has many physical buttons, allowing you to manage certain functions such as air conditioning. In addition to the Start/Stop button, the four visible buttons manage the temperature, the air volume, the electric rear spoiler and the height of the air suspensions.

These new images show a car with interesting finishes, with the presence of Nappa leather seats. They have a seat reimbursed with 15 millimeters of memory foam, also supporting numerous adjustments (height, lumbar, backrest, etc.). The interior also confirms that the Chinese giant's first electric car is inspired by European style. As a reminder, the SU7 is based on the work of former engineers from BMW and Mercedes-Benz. It also has similarities with the Porsche Taycan, one of its competitors with the Tesla Model S.

Europe will wait

Equipped with the HyperOS system (like the latest Xiaomi smartphones) and a Snapdragon 8295 chip, the Xiaomi SU7 promises technology and comfort. The electric sedan is due to arrive in China on March 28, at a price still officially unknown.

The Chinese group, which hopes to be one of the five largest automobile manufacturers in the world within around fifteen years, promises to quickly turn internationally. However, we should not expect the Xiaomi SU7 in the short term in our region. The manufacturer should first wait for feedback from the Chinese market, which has become the world's largest automobile market.

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