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Peugeot continues to expand its range of electric vehicles to meet the needs of its customers. After the E-3008 which is starting to arrive in dealerships, Peugeot has just unveiled its big brother: the E-5008. With this SUV that can accommodate 7 passengers, the lion brand intends to convert large families to electric mobility. Despite its large size, the new Peugeot E-5008 will offer comfortable autonomy for a weekend or vacation. It will also benefit from a particularly generous and welcoming interior. In addition, its agility will make it easy to drive, including in urban environments. Peugeot will assemble it in its Sochaux factory with an engine and batteries also produced in France. The brand plans to open orders in May or June, with first deliveries this fall.

An SUV for families offering up to 660 km of autonomy

The new Peugeot E.5008 is based on the STLA Medium platform from the Stellantis group. The first model to benefit from it in an elongated configuration, it demonstrates the flexibility of this multi-energy platform. The E-5008 benefits from a range of 100% electric engines, including a Dual Motor AWD version and a long-range version. With a 98 kWh battery, the latter offers up to 660 km of autonomy. The other versions feature a 73 kWh battery offering around 500 km of autonomy. The two-wheel drive versions have 157 kW or 170 kW motors with a torque of 345 Nm. The 4-wheel drive version with two motors provides a cumulative power of 237 kW. Furthermore, for fast direct current charging, the Peugeot E-5008 accepts up to 160 kW of power.

A design combining dynamism and refinement

The design of the new Peugeot E-5008 combines the dynamism of a true SUV with the refinement of a model from the higher segment. It stands out for its very aerodynamic silhouette and for its character which inspires robustness and safety. Its relatively high beltline and very pronounced shoulders give it a strong presence on the road. Its design also suggests movement, from the rear window to the front incorporating the new light signature. Enveloping the entire front part, a black strip underlines the sophistication of the innovative grille without boundaries. This blends into a gradient of the body color. Furthermore, the E-5008 seeks sophistication in simplicity. An approach which is found in particular in the very smooth, very refined and very vertical sides.

A cabin offering exceptional living space

Due to its generous dimensions (4.79 m long, 1.89 m wide), the E-5008 offers exceptional living space. It can accommodate up to 7 passengers in particularly comfortable conditions. Passengers in row 2 benefit from remarkable leg length. To improve their comfort during a long journey, they can recline their seat back independently in 5 notches. The habitability of row 3 is a benchmark in the C-SUV segment. This row 3 has a real bench seat with two independent backrests equipped with adjustable headrests. Furthermore, the interior of the Peugeot E-5008 offers an atmosphere that is both high-tech and warm. The spectacular 21'' floating panoramic screen places passengers in an atmosphere that is as high-tech as it is friendly. Combining ambient lighting, real aluminum and heather fabric, the decors provide a unique feeling of refinement and well-being.

An SUV that's easy to drive despite its size

Thanks to dynamic chassis settings, the Peugeot E-5008 proves agile and efficient, including in town. In addition, to facilitate maneuvers, a rear camera offers the driver two angles: rear view or bird's eye view. In addition, the new E-5008 has more than 40 driving assistance systems. It assists the driver by relying on all of the vehicle's sensors and information from the navigation system. The E-5008 also benefits from the latest generation of Peugeot connected information systems. The Allure finish thus has the Peugeot-i-Connect system which offers complete connectivity thanks to a wireless mirroring function. Available as standard on the E-5008 GT, the Peugeot i-Connect Advanced takes the technological experience even further. In particular, it offers efficient TomTom connected navigation integrating a “ Trip planner “.

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