Is it dangerous to charge your electric car in the rain?

Failing to chase away the clouds, let's try to dispel the doubts and legends about electric charging on rainy days.

Whether we want it like we do at Mobiwisy, or not, electric mobility is not a fashion phenomenon and is set to become the solution of tomorrow. More and more drivers are opting for electric cars as an environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to internal combustion vehicles. However, as electric cars gain popularity, so do questions and myths surrounding how they work. In addition to the propensity of electric cars to catch fire all the time, the other most widespread urban legend concerns the danger of recharging your car in the rain. So, is it risky to charge your electric car in the rain?

The most obvious answer is that there is no danger if we don't do anything. This is almost a truism, but we never remind ourselves of it too much. You wouldn't think of drying your hair in the rain, but unlike a hairdryer, an electric car is developed to deal with the liquid element.

Rain is not your enemy

Modern electric cars are equipped with a charging system that connects to a dedicated socket or charging station. This system is designed to operate whatever the weather conditions. These systems are designed to be waterproof at both ends: at the car charging port and at the connection to the terminal. The connectors and cables used are protected against water ingress and are certified to operate safely even in the rain.

Of course, for this you must use certified equipment. A French 220V socket is not waterproof, so avoid garden wall sockets in case of rain. But again, this common sense rule applies to all electrical devices. In the event of lightning, immediately stop all charging operations. The risk is minimal because the vehicle is isolated from the ground by its non-electrically conductive tires, but it is not zero, so you might as well not tempt the devil. Finally, always keep the charging area as dry as possible. Not that it's dangerous, but it's a way to take care of your equipment and extend the life of the charger.

In conclusion, both electric cars and chargers are equipped with all the necessary protections to ensure safe charging, under all reasonable conditions. So you don't have to be afraid to charge your electric car in the rain.

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