Official list of 78 electric car models eligible for the new 2024 ecological bonus

From Friday December 15, 2023, the new bonus criteria for the purchase of an electric car come into force. List of 78 eligible models.

Official list of electric car models eligible for the ecological bonus ©


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The ecological bonus changes from December 15, 2023

A minimum environmental score is now required. As part of the energy transition and the national green industry strategy, the ecological bonus changes from Friday December 15, 2023. From now on, the vehicle purchased or rented must benefit from a minimum environmental score to be eligible for this assistance. Until now, only the gas emissions caused by the vehicle on the road were taken into consideration to benefit from the aid. The publication of Decree No. 2023-930 of October 7, 2023 relating to the conditioning of eligibility for the ecological bonus for new electric passenger cars on the achievement of a minimum environmental score and the decree relating to the methodology for calculating the environmental score and the value of minimum score to be achieved for eligibility for the ecological bonus endorse this new provision which will more comprehensively assess the carbon footprint of a vehicle (place of manufacture, battery performance, etc.).

78 eligible electric cars, 22 brands

  1. Abarth: Abarth 500
  2. Audi: Q4 45 E-Tron
  3. BWM: Serie 4, Serie X, iX1 and iX2
  4. Citroën: ë-C4 and ë-C4 X, ë-Berlingo, Jumpy Space Tourer
  5. Cupra: Born 150 kW 58/62 kWh, Born 170 kW 77/82 kWh, Born 170 kW 58/62 kWh
  6. DS: DS 3 and DS 3 Crossback
  7. Fiat: 500e, 600e, e-Doblo, Ulysse
  8. Hyundai: Kona
  9. Jeep: Avenger
  10. Mazda: MX-30
  11. Mercedes: EQA Class, EQB Class, EQT
  12. Mini: Mini Electric
  13. Nissan: Townstar, Leaf
  14. Opel: Combo, Combo e-Life, Astra, Astra Sports Tourer, Corsa, Mokka, Zafira Life
  15. Peugeot: e-Rifter, 308, 3008, 208, 2008, Expert Traveler
  16. Renault: Zoe, Twingo electric, Megane e-Tech, Scenic e-Tech, Kangoo e-Tech Electric
  17. Skoda: Enyaq, Enyaq Coupe, Enyaq 80, Enyaq 60, Enyag 80X, Enyaq 50
  18. Smart: EQ Fortwo
  19. Tesla: Model Y
  20. Toyota: ProAce City Verso Electric, ProAce City Verso, ProAce City
  21. Volkswagen: Up!, ID. 3 Pro S 150 kW, ID. 3 Pro 150 kW, ID. 4 Pure 125 kW, ID. 4 Pro 150 kW, ID. 4 Pro 150 kW, ID. 4 Pure 109 kW, ID. 4 Pro 128 kW, ID. 4 Pro 210 kW, ID. 4 GTX 220 kW, ID. 4 Pro 4Motion 210 kW, ID. 4 GTX 250 kW, ID. 5 Pro 150 kW, ID. 5 Pro 128 kW, ID. 5 Pro 128 kW, ID. 5 Pro 210 kW, ID. 5 GTX 220 kW, ID. 5 GTX 250 kW, ID. 7 Pro 210 kW
  22. Volvo: C40 and XC40

Ecological bonus 2024, losers and winners

The winning models of this new 2024 ecological bonus, among the best-selling cars in France:

  • Tesla Model Y
  • Peugeot 208
  • Fiat 500
  • Renault Megane
  • Renault Twingo

The losing models of this new 2024 ecological bonus, among the best-selling cars in France:

  • Dacia Spring
  • Tesla Model 3
  • MG MG 4

Exit the Dacia Spring, because it is assembled in China, as well as the Tesla Model 3, now not eligible for the ecological bonus. The new criteria for obtaining the ecological bonus give pride of place to models assembled in Europe. Taking into account environmental criteria largely favoring electric vehicles manufactured in Europe and France.

Models eligible for social leasing at €100

Social leasing at 100 euros per month has been officially launched. It will be active from January 2024. Here is the list of models offered as part of this offer. It is the State which will take charge of paying the first rent (the highest).

  • Peugeot e-208,
  • Renault Twingo e-Tech,
  • Citroën ë-C4,
  • Opel Mokka Electric.

New price criteria taken into account

This environmental score takes into account the CO2 emissions generated by the manufacturing of a vehicle. This rating will take into account:

  • the model of the vehicle and in particular the number of seats
  • the place of assembly
  • the volume and weight of the materials used
  • battery characteristics
  • or the delivery and the distance traveled between the production site and the distribution location

Until now, the State has not set any conditions on the manufacturing methods of vehicles purchased with the bonus. Hundreds of millions of euros of public money therefore went to vehicles with a very poor carbon footprint. From now on, it's over. To be eligible for the bonus, an electric vehicle must have a limited environmental impact, during the manufacturing and transport stages.”, assures Bruno Lemaire, the Minister of Economy and Finance.

22 different brands, among major French manufacturers like Renault and Peugeot, European leaders like Fiat, BMW or even Mercedes and Volkswagen, but also Tesla to our great surprise (even if there is a justification for the presence of the American manufacturer) .

What is the ecological bonus?

The “ecological bonus” is purchasing assistance, which favors new or used vehicles with a low carbon footprint. This aid is conditional on numerous criteria including the ecological score of the vehicle and the tax income of the applicants.

Who can benefit from the ecological bonus?

To apply for the ecological bonus, you must respect the following conditions:

  • be an adult natural person with proof of domicile in France or a legal person with proof of establishment in France or a State administration,
  • purchase or rent, as part of a contract for a period greater than or equal to two years, a motorized land vehicle.

To know : The vehicle can be an electric car, an electric van, a two or three wheeler or quadricycle with an electric motor. Note that you can also benefit from the ecological bonus for the purchase of a used electric vehicle (car or van).

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