“Our electric cars will not be silent,” says Ferrari boss

During an interview, Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna focused on an important point about the future of its electric models. Their absence of V8 or V12 will not mean that they will not make noise.

“If you know technology, you know that we can also do a lot of things with electric cars”, explained on the CNBC channel Benedetto Vigna, the CEO of Ferrari. Asked about the future of the manufacturer on the electrical side, the boss wanted to mention an important detail concerning the acoustics of his cars. He thus revealed that future electric Ferraris will not be silent, and that the brand's engineers are currently working on “sound signatures” to arouse the same emotions.

Some brands have already chosen to offer customers electric driving with a soundtrack in phase with acceleration and braking. This is the case of the BMW group, which has implemented it on its recent models such as the iX2, as has Mini, whose new Mini Countryman SE recently launched benefits from it. On the American side, it was the Dodge Charger EV that began offering a virtual exhaust sound, as close as possible to that of a V8. For now, we have no idea what Ferrari's bias is on what type of sound it will incorporate.

First Ferrari electric model and success of the hybrid

Ferrari's electric future is fast approaching and the brand plans to launch a 100% electric model during the last quarter of 2025. It will therefore be released ten years before the obligation of car manufacturers to offer combustion engines in 2035. The brands prestige companies like Ferrari will nevertheless be able to continue to offer engines with cylinders provided that the fuel used is carbon neutral – in other words that it is synthetic fuel, also called e-fuel.

Ferrari is counting on a 60% mix of electric and hybrid sales by 2026. For this, the manufacturer already has a 296 GTB and an S90 Stradale in stock, which have enabled Ferrari to sell 50% of hybrid models. in 2023, double the previous year. Future electric models will be produced directly in Maranello, while a special assembly line is being built and should be operational next June. His investment was not a burden for the brand, which made a net profit of 34% last year, to more than a billion euros.

Never before, on the stock market, has the manufacturer weighed so much, while its shares were close to 400 euros, with a capitalization of 77 billion euros. The success of super-powerful models from Porsche and Tesla shows that the electric future should not herald the end of brands like Ferrari. At its direct competitor, Lamborghini, the 100% thermal models have left the production lines, but its first electric model is not due to arrive before 2028. In the meantime, a concept has been presented, that of the Lanzador, a two-door coupe SUV which will be three years behind Ferrari.

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