Renault expands its circular economy offering

With The Future is Neutral, Renault is expanding its range of circular economy solutions and offering reconditioned parts for electric vehicles.

On the occasion of the ChangeNow summit, which will be held from March 25 to 27, 2024 at the Grand Palais Éphémère, in Paris, Renault and its subsidiary The Future is Neutral will present their new developments in the circular economy.

Reconditioned parts for electric vehicles

Launched in 2022, The Future is Neutral is the Renault group entity dedicated toautomotive circular economy : today she is launching a new activity of reconditioning of three parts of automobile electric traction chaina European first in the automotive sector.
This will allow motorists driving electric vehicles to choose between new original manufacturer parts, or reconditioned parts quality, which have the advantage of a less expensive price (up to -30%), while limiting the impact on resources and CO2 emissions.
Renault will therefore offer the following reconditioned parts after-sales: the electric motor (Zoe, Twingo E-Tech, Kangoo E-Tech and Master E-Tech), thepower electronics (Zoe and Kangoo E-Tech) and the traction battery (Zoe, Twingo E-Tech and Megane E-Tech). From 2024, The Future is Neutral will have the capacity to produce more than 3,000 reconditioned parts dedicated to electric vehicles, on its Flins site, located in Yvelines (78) in France.

Renault: pioneer of the circular economy

In recent years, Renault has invested heavily in the circular economy, and now has an entire industrial and collaborative ecosystem of circular economy solutions, which is based around four poles additional: “Re-trofit” aims to extend the life of vehicles, by reconditioning used vehicles (Renew Factory), repairing heavily damaged vehicles (BodyWork Factory), and with the retrofit of light utility vehicles.
The pole “Re-energy” aims to produce, store and manage green energy thanks to the Flins Expert Battery Repair Center, the Battery Repair Workshop (30 battery diagnostic and repair centers around the world), and the reuse of batteries by Mobilize for energy storage units.
The pole “Re-cycle” aims to repair parts and recycle them, with part renovation and reconditioning activities managed by The Future is Neutral, in Flins (78).

Finally, the pole “Re-start” aims to support change and structure the group's circular economy and sustainable mobility sector, by training employees of the Flins Refactory, with the Circular Mobility Industry Campus operated by ReKnow University, but also the Open Innovation Hub of The Future is Neutral (Flins), which supports start-ups around the circular economy.

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