seven seats, huge trunk and XXL battery

After the Peugeot e-3008, here is its variant with seven seats, the electric e-5008. On the program therefore, more habitability, a third row with two additional seats and three electric versions which are interesting to say the least. Including one with an XXL capacity battery.

Seven-seater electric models are not necessarily yet that numerous in the world of electric cars. The fashion being for SUVs, electric minivans never really had a chanceand the rare seven-seaters are SUVs with a third row that is narrow to say the least with seats that can be described as “complementary”.

But with this new generation of 5008, large families will perhaps reconcile themselves with SUVs! Still available with seven seats, the e-5008 returns to the forefront with no less than three 100% electric versions, all similar to those of its cousin, the e-3008.

Simply a bigger Peugeot e-3008?

Aesthetically, as you can see in the photos, the e-5008 adopts the same front as the e-3008. If you want to see an ounce of change compared to your smaller brother, you have to look at him in profile. We immediately notice that it is longer, by 25 cm in this case, and that its bell-shaped fastback disappears in favor of something more square. Because you have to accommodate the heads of the occupants of the third row!

The new Peugeot 5008 goes from 4.64 meters (old generation) to 4.79 meters. This model is based on a long wheelbase of the new STLA Medium platform increased to 2.90 meters (2.73 meters on the new 3008).

Passengers pampered, even in the third row

On board, the presentation no longer has anything to do with the previous generation, since this new version inaugurates the all new Panoramic i-Cockpit, which had already been shown a few months earlier. It is distinguished by the arrival of a huge 21-inch curved digital panel, which brings together a digital handset in the form of a head-up display as well as a touch screen. The latter integrates the Peugeot i-Connect infotainment system compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

As with the e-3008, the e-5008 in GT version also includes connected navigation and a route planner, while voice control “ Ok Peugeot » is renewed. It is also possible to schedule charging or stop it via the touch screenwhich is particularly useful during off-peak or peak hours.

The Peugeot e-5008 claims 748 liters in five-seater configuration, third row seats folded, and therefore gain 47 liters compared to the outgoing model. It is with the seven seats deployed that this 5008 gains in practicality, since the volume is doubled compared to the old one, increased to 259 litersalthough it will be necessary to remove around 50 liters less on the electric version with two motors.

It's a safe bet that Peugeot is talking about trunk volumes under the shelf here, and not up to the ceiling of the car. An element to keep in mind when comparing with the Tesla Model Y or the new electric station wagons from Volkswagen and BMW.

The third row seats are more welcoming, but they are no longer removable compared to the old one and no longer disappear into the floor. However, they can form a completely flat trunk. The seats have been raised and offer better posture, legs less bent, and better visibility.

Where the Peugeot e-5008 generally remains in the ranks is in terms of driving aids. It very classically offers what is necessary to achieve level 2 semi-autonomous driving, therefore including an adaptive cruise control and a lane keeping system.

It also has a semi-automatic overtaking system. This electric 5008 can benefit from “Pixel LED” matrix headlights on the high-end version, allowing you to remain in full beam continuously, while the beam is extinguished selectively, so as not to dazzle other users of the vehicle. road.

Up to 660 km of autonomy for the most enduring version

As stated above, in addition to a 136 hp micro-hybrid thermal version and a 195 hp gasoline hybrid version, three electric versions will be offered. As with other electric models from the Stellantis group, the motor is made in France.

This is associated with an NMC (nickel – manganese – cobalt) battery with a capacity of 73 or 93 kWh, offering a range of between 500 and 660 kilometers depending on the WLTP cycle. The e-5008 also has a heat pump, like the Kia EV6 and the Renault Mégane E-Tech. Here are the three electric versions offered in detail:

  • 210 hp engine, 73 kWh battery and 502 km range (launch version);
  • Two electric motors of 320 hp combined, 73 kWh battery and 500 km of autonomy (launch planned for early 2025);
  • 230 hp engine, 98 kWh battery and 660 km of range (launch planned for early 2025).

The Peugeot e-5008 uses a 400 volt architecture and not 800, while charging takes place from 20 to 80% in approximately 30 minutes. All at a power of 160kW on the crest. The car comes standard with an 11 kW three-phase charger, which can be upgraded to 22 kW as an option. The SUV is also equipped with V2L bidirectional charging, allowing electrical devices to be powered using the charging socket at a power of 3 kW.

A seven-seater electric SUV with a bonus?

At the moment, prices have not yet been announced, but we imagine a base price of 46,900 euros for the electric versionwith generous standard equipment and option packs, such as Tesla, Renault or even BMW, to allow customers to keep the ecological bonus of 4,000 euros thanks to a little trick discovered by Tesla last year.

The car will be manufactured at the Sochaux factory, in Doubs and the first deliveries will take place in September 2024.

In terms of competition, we will have to deal with the Mercedes EQB, the Kia EV9 and the Tesla Model X.

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