The Alpine A290 and the future of electric luxury automobiles

In the ever-changing world of automobiles and car Alpine A290 stands out as a technological innovation. Thanks to its remarkable characteristics, it represents the future of electric luxury automobiles.

For more than two years, this sporty 5-seater city car has been carefully developed to satisfy luxury car enthusiasts looking for dynamic performance and optimal fuel efficiency. The Alpine A290 series is the result of hard work aimed at offering unrivaled performance, avant-garde design and an electrifying driving experience while being part of an eco-responsible approach. It is scheduled for a big reveal in June 2024.

Alpine A290 polar circle

The Alpine A290's journey: Rigorous testing beyond the Arctic Circle

Extreme conditions for an exceptional car

The Alpine A290 was tested in one of the wildest places on Earth: near the Arctic Circle in Sweden. Alpine engineers tested the A290's resistance and capabilities on slippery terrain in extreme conditions, with temperatures reaching -30°C. This choice demonstrates Alpine's commitment to developing a car capable of overcoming the toughest challenges, providing drivers with unrivaled safety and reliability, whatever the weather.

Focus on performance and technology

The main concerns relate to the dynamic performance of the A290. Even in the most extreme conditions, the driving experience is both exhilarating and safe thanks to the responsiveness of the engine, the precision of the steering and the agility of the vehicle. Features such as heating system, defogging, efficient defrosting and ESC for optimal stability on snow were also tested during the trials.

Design and technology: The Alpine A290 reveals its secrets

A captivating design

When it first appeared, the A290 demonstrated a design that effectively combined aesthetics and functionality. The unique camouflage, iconic roof logo and Alpine Blue color are just the prelude to a fuller reveal. The A290, thanks to its precise dimensions and aerodynamic profile, promises to be as pleasant to look at as it is to drive. The sporty Nappa leather steering wheel, with features directly inspired by Formula 1, reflects Alpine's sporting heritage and commitment to providing an immersive driving experience.

Michelin: A cutting-edge tire partnership

Working in partnership with Michelin represents an important step in the innovation of the A290, highlighting a shared desire to achieve excellence. The MICHELIN Pilot Alpin 5 tires specially developed for the A290 demonstrate this desire by offering remarkable grip and driving precision in the most difficult winter conditions. This range is completed by the MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV and MICHELIN Pilot Sport S5 summer tires which optimize energy efficiency and sporting performance. Each tire carries the unique “A29” marking, ensuring drivers continue exceptional performance and an ideal balance between safety and comfort.

Alpine A290

Towards a promising electric future

The Alpine A290 is more than just an addition to the luxury electric car market; it is a vision of the future. The A290 is poised to set new standards in the industry by combining rigorous testing in extreme conditions, captivating design and a successful collaboration with Michelin. It represents a step forward towards a future where performance, luxury and sustainability become one. This car offers an unprecedented driving experience, respecting both the environment and the high expectations of luxury car enthusiasts. The development of the Alpine A290 made the future of electric sports driving seem brighter, ushering in a new era for Alpine and luxury motoring as a whole.

Patrick Koune

Photo credit: Alpine

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