these mistakes to avoid when washing it

Owning an electric car requires special precautions when washing it. Learn about common mistakes to avoid to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition.

It is well known that water and electricity don't work well together. In fact, water can be detrimental to many parts of a car unless it stays on the surface of critical components, whether the car is thermal or electric.

If you own an electric car, you have probably already wondered about the wisdom of washing your vehicle with rollers or a jet of water.

Is it possible to clean your electric car with water?

Just like a combustion car, it is entirely feasible to clean an electric car using rollers, water jet or even manually with a little effort. All essential components of an electric car are designed to be waterproof, including the charging cables, allowing charging even in the rain. However, it is not really recommended to use a pressure washer while the car is charging, usually at home, as car washes are not located near charging points. Water pressure can cause infiltration at the socket. Just as with a combustion car, it is not advisable, and perhaps even less so for an electric car, to clean the engine compartment with a jet of water. Even though the cables are supposed to be waterproof, you are never safe from a Technical problem. It is also preferable to avoid high pressure cleaning the part under the chassis, where the battery pack is usually located. Also remember to disable comfort features, such as automatic windshield wipers for example, to avoid any malfunction. If you have a Wallbox in your home, also avoid cleaning it with water, just as you would not clean the electrical outlet in your living room with water.

Washing electric cars: Additional precautions to take to protect electrical components

When washing an electric car, it is essential to take additional precautions to protect its delicate electrical components. Although electric cars are designed to be water resistant, it is recommended to avoid the use of high pressure cleaners, especially during the charging process. Water under pressure can potentially cause infiltration at the charging port, which can compromise the safety and efficiency of the vehicle. Likewise, it is not recommended to clean the engine compartment with a jet of water, because even if the cables are supposed to be waterproof, there is still a risk of malfunction. Additionally, it is best to avoid high pressure cleaning the area under the chassis, where the battery pack is usually located, to avoid any potential damage. It is also advisable to turn off convenience features, such as automatic wipers, to prevent electrical malfunctions while cleaning. Additionally, if you have a Wallbox at home to charge your electric car, avoid cleaning it with water, as this could potentially damage the electrical system. By following these precautions, you can ensure effective cleaning while preserving the integrity of your electric car.

To sum up

  • Do not wash your electric car when it is charging
  • Deactivate comfort equipment
  • Do not clean the engine with water and avoid passing the high pressure jet under the car
  • Do not clean the charging station with water

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