Volvo will reduce its charging times by 30%

Volvo has partnered with Breathe Battery Technologies to improve the fast charging performance of its next-generation electric cars.

Volvo will soon integrate the software into its electric cars Breathea London-based start-up that develops battery management software with the aim of contributing to faster, more efficient and more sustainable electrification.

Improved charging time

Volvo thus becomes the first car manufacturer to be able to use the latest version of the patented charging software of Breathe Battery Technologies, based on algorithms. It will be used on Volvo's new generation of 100% electric cars.
“The investment and commercial partnership with Breathe helps us solve a well-known problem for electric car drivers and make our charging performance even more competitive”declared on this occasion Ann-Sofie Ekberg, CEO of the Volvo Cars Tech Fund: “Faster charging times, to achieve the same charging levels as before, represent a big step in the right direction, as we continue to drive electric mobility and make it accessible to more people. »
By integrating Breathe software with the battery management platform developed by Volvo, charging performance can be more optimized and improved. This will enable Volvo customers to benefit from even faster charging times, while having a better driving and charging experience.

A strategic investment

According to Volvo, this new technology, which will be integrated into the new generation of its 100% electric cars, should reduce the time needed to recharge the battery by 15 to 30% from 10 to 80%, while maintaining the same energy density and autonomy. These charging time improvements apply over the entire life of the battery, without affecting the condition.
By collaborating with Breathe, Volvo benefits from a supply agreement for the flagship product “Breathe Charge”: this is the latest investment from the Volvo Cars Tech Fund, the venture capital subsidiary of the Swedish firm. Volvo aims to be at the forefront of premium electric cars, and aims to become a manufacturer of 100% electric cars by 2030.
Unlike traditional progressive charging which relies on predetermined rules, Breathe's software allows you to apply a adaptive loadto dynamically control the battery in real time: this allows you to benefit from significantly shorter charging times.

This functionality is made possible thanks to algorithms, which allow the software to manage the charging process based on the state of health of the battery, in order tooptimize performance and lifespan of it.

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