what are the cheapest models in 2024?

The supply of electric cars continues to increase year after year. Here are the cheapest models in 2024.

The electric car grows year after year. Actually 2024 can really be a turning point in the offer builders.
A price war begins between the different actorscausing a decrease the rates zero-emission vehicles. Here are the cheapest models in 2024.

Tips to know!

When you plan to go on an electric model at a low price, it is important to know some precious advicesso as not to regret his purchase.
First of all, it is important to compare the different options of funding. Indeed, these options can include, for example, a loan at zero rate or even leasing.
It is possible that banks or the builders make attractive offers.
Then, before moving on to procurementit is also important to carefully look at the maintenance costs linked to the battery.
So look lifetime of the latter as well as the price in the event of replacement or repair.
Still with the idea of ​​paying less, take a look government aid and local when purchasing of such a vehicle.
Same for installation charging stations at home, which could make you earn money.
Finally, if you wish buy an electric car at a low price, turn instead to models entry-level.
These are affordable models, offering comfort and the equipment necessary for a good driving experience.

French manufacturers

To begin, let's take a quick tour horizon French manufacturers. To find out the cheapest models, we chose to select three models.
The first: the Citroën Ë-C3. With this vehicle, the French manufacturer offers one of the best affordable electric cars in 2024.
Its base price is 23,300 euros. At this price, you will benefit from autonomy of 320 kilometers in WLTP cycle. Its power will be 83kWwhich is the equivalent of 113 horsepower.
The second model in our selection is the Renault Twingo E-Tech. Here again, this is a very good economic choice since this city girl is displayed at a price starting from 25,500 euros.
The Twingo E-Tech measures 3.61 meters longthus offering a very good maneuverability in the city. In addition, you will have the right to autonomy 280 km in mixed driving and 417km in the city. Finally, the power is 80kWor 109 horsepower and 158Nm of torque.
Finally, the last model in our selection: the Peugeot e-208, a model available from 34,100 euros.
This vehicle is distinguished by its sporty design. The autonomy is displayed at 498 kilometers. Its power is 51kWeither 136 horsepower.
Note that these three models can benefit from the ecological bonus version 2024, put in place by the government.

Cars coming from abroad

Let us now focus on 4 models coming from a foreign manufacturer. And let's start with the Dacia Spring.
This is a city car measuring 3.73 meters and having a capacity to 290 liters in his trunk. The latter can even offer 620 liters when the rear seat is lowered.
Its price starts at 18,400 euros with the Essential finish.
You will then have until 225 kilometers of autonomy and an engine power of 33kWor 44 horsepower.
The second model of our selection: the Skoda Citigo-e iV. This car is available from 21,600 euros.
This model offers up to 260 kilometers autonomy. Its fast recharge time is approximately 1 hour. This model is positioned as an ideal choice between quality, performance and price.
Now let's look at what the Volkswagen e-Up! offers. Available from 28,030 euros, this compact electric city car is ideally designed for the city. You will benefit from 260km autonomy and engine power of 61kW.
Finally, to finish this selectionlet's talk about the manufacturer MG with its model, the MG4. This vehicle is available from 28,990 euros. Its autonomy can vary between 350 km to 450 km depending on the version chosen.

The catalog of electric cars continues to increase, thus offering customers the possibility of equipping themselves at lower prices than a few years ago.

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