What is Nissan's revolutionary e-Power engine worth?

Among the different types of hybrid engines, Nissan's e-Power combines the advantages of electric and thermal engines, without the need for recharging.

Nissan's e-POWER hybrid engine is a revolution in car driving by combining the advantages of electric power with those of the thermal engine.

What is the e-POWER hybrid engine?

The automobile manufacturer Nissan offers several models of electric cars of which it is one of the pioneers. Its goal is to meet the needs of motorists who rely on 100% electric driving. Its current flagship models are the Nissan Leaf and Nissan Aryia.
But the brand also markets hybrid crossovers and SUVs equipped with e-POWER technology, such as the Nissan Qashqai e-Power and the X-Trail e-Power. The e-POWER hybrid engine consists of a electric motor powered by electricity by a gasoline engine.
Its big difference from other types of hybrid engines lies in the fact that only the electric motor drives the wheels. This innovative technology allows for smooth, quiet and responsive driving.

What are the advantages of e-POWER technology?

e-POWER hybridization ensures greater electric range, of up to 1,000 km(*), without the need to recharge the battery. In fact, the latter is recharged using a gasoline engine. When it reaches its capacity limit, the electric motor is directly powered by the thermal engine Who also acts as a generator.
Autonomy is therefore only limited by the capacity of the fuel tank. Nissan models equipped with e-POWER technology can, therefore, be considered electric vehicles since they do not use a thermal engine which would only take over to turn the wheels when the battery is low.

The advantages of electric without the disadvantages

The e-POWER engine allows you to benefit from the advantages of an electric car, without the constraint of having to recharge your vehicle. Thus, you benefit from a large quiet driving due to electricity, while having torque and power provided immediately.
But unlike all-electric vehicles, you don't need to find a charging station during your trip, or plug your car into a charging station at home overnight.
Models with e-POWER technology do not even have a hatch for the charging socket. The e-Pedal also ensures additional driving comfort by using only one pedal, that of the accelerator.
Furthermore, the thermal block which recharges the battery and powers the electric motor is insulated so that you do not hear it running.
Note that this engine offers two different speeds depending on the needs of the recharging or the electric motor. This small 1.5 liter, 3-cylinder engine meets CO emission standards2 in force in Europe.
Thus, compared to other thermal blocks, it is much less polluting. It is characterized by its ability to provide the necessary power by adjusting the compression ratio in the cylinders.

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