what models are affected?

The objective in 2050 in Europe is zero deaths on the Union's roads. This is why manufacturers will be required to install surveillance cameras in their vehicles. Which vehicles will be affected?

This is therefore the new discovery of the European Union for reduce the number of deaths on the roads. As we have just mentioned, the objective is to achieve zero deaths on the roads of European Union countries. by 2050. To do this, the European Union is going to make a whole bunch of equipment mandatory in cars sold in Europe, including surveillance cameras.

The interest of these cameras

These cameras are part of a long list of equipment that will become obligatory in our cars in the future. We are talking here about infrared camera. The latter will analyze the driver behavior in real time. They will be able to detect that the latter is dozing, looking too much at the GPS, his phone or the surrounding landscape. In short, these cameras will be attentive to the slightest deviation from the driver if the latter is no longer focused on driving.
If they detect an anomaly, the cameras will warn the driver using a message on the dashboard or on the central screen of the vehicle or using a buzzer.
These cameras are not new since there are a few vehicles on the market that have them. already equipped. This is particularly the case of the last Volvo EX-30 or the DS9.
A breakthrough in the field of road safety which will undoubtedly prevent tragedies relating to drowsy driving or the use of mobile phones.

Which models will be affected?

If these cameras are already present on the market, they are reserved for vehicles rather top of the line. However, the Union wants to make this device compulsory in all vehicles on the market, even micro-city dwellers. And for those who think these cameras won't be mandatory right away, think again. In fact, from July 2024, all new vehicle models will be equipped with this device. As for July 2026, it will be the turn of all new vehicles. If the European Union reassures the different populations by announcing that the addition of these devices will not inflate the price of vehiclesit will still be necessary that someone pays ! It is difficult to see the European Union granting aid to manufacturers, unless these same manufacturers offer consumers the addition of these devices in their vehicles.
Especially since infrared cameras will not be the only equipment to become mandatory, you have among other things adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and even lane crossing alert.

Concerning microcity dwellers, it is difficult to see how the latter will not suffer an increase in their price after adding all these driving aids!

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