which ones sold the least in 2023?

L'Auto-Journal invites you to discover the electric cars having recorded the lowest sales in France in 2023.

In France, the era where electric cars were considered marginal is well and truly a thing of the past. Indeed, “zero emission” vehicles have conquered the market with nearly 300,000 buyers in France in 2023.
This figure marks a significant increase of nearly 47% compared to the previous year. This rise now places them as the third most popular type of motorization in the country.
It has a market share of 20.6%. This percentage roughly corresponds to the combined sales of plug-in hybrids and diesel vehicles. However, behind the triumph popular models such as Tesla Model Y or Model 3, the Dacia Spring Or the MG4s some are hiding bitter failures.
We have listed the electric cars with the lowest sales in France in 2023. A list established thanks to data from NGC-Data.

Electric cars reserved for niches

However, this list does not only consist of vehicles that have encountered commercial difficulties. The case of the Rolls-Royce Specterhaving only foundone owner, remains completely banal. Indeed, the limited distribution strategy of this prestigious British brand is slowing down sales, especially on the French market (its price probably too).
On the other hand, the performance of Mobilize with only 5 sales of its Limo in 2023 turns out to be particularly disappointing. This sedan, imported from China, was withdrawn early from the market by the subsidiary dedicated to new mobility of the Renault group. Despite the warnings from the testing of the model, highlighting a pricing positioning that is poorly suited to the target clientele, VTC drivers.
However, some derivatives of utilities from the Stellantis groupsuch as the Fiat Ulysse And his clones Citroën Spacetourer, Toyota Proace and Peugeot Traveler also recorded modest sales.

Electrification that is struggling to take off

There transition to electric motors seems trying for these models, which are sold at high prices with limited autonomy. We can also point out that electrification is starting slowly.
Their accident-prone factor and recharging problems do not contribute to success. Their recent styling update could be a game-changer, as could a possible reintroduction of diesel engines by Stellantis, as was the case for their compact counterparts. The case of Nissan Townstar, similar to the Renault Kangoo E-Techpresents a nuance.
If its electric version only knew five registrationsthis is mainly due to a late launch. We will have to wait until 2024 to confirm or refute this trend.
In this ranking of the least sold models, other cars may have been affected by similar circumstances. The Subaru Solterra, VinFast VF8, Fisker Ocean and BYD Seal only started deliveries to France at the end of the year.

Subsidized models excluded from the list

Some models who officially begin their careers in 2024 have been excluded from the ranking. The reason ? They recorded some registrations the previous year for promotional needslike the Renault Scénic E-Tech or Peugeot e-3008.
In addition, vehicles removed from the catalog, but still having a few examples in stock sold, such as the Smart Forfour, were also excluded. However, the Electric Honda cannot invoke these excuses to justify its modest 85 units sold. She especially suffered from unfavorable price-autonomy ratio.
This lack of success places it in the restricted circle of electric cars whose career was cut short. We therefore find it alongside the Mercedes EQC SUV.

In fact, the latter only recorded 114 registrations, despite its similarity to the popular Tesla Model Y, or the Mobilize Limo. In addition, the electric car market has far too many players in the face of weak demand.

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