a patent for fast wireless charging!

A company has found a solution to quickly charge electric cars without using a cable. We'll explain it to you.

There are more and more electric cars on the roads today. But some motorists still have fears.

Easier charging for electric cars

Among them, autonomy as well as recharging, which still sometimes remains a little complicated. You have to find a terminal and have the right cable with you, not to mention the power and many other constraints. But now a company has just found an astonishing solution, which should make life easier for motorists. It is Beam Global, which has just taken a major step forward in the field of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure by obtaining a brand new patent from the United States Patent Office. This company specializing in sustainable solutions has developed a revolutionary wireless charging technology, called “Autonomous Renewable Inductive Battery Charger”. EV ARC™'s patented technology allows electric vehicles to charge without requiring a physical connection to a charging cable. Instead, it uses a wireless energy transmitter built into the base of the EV ARC system to transfer electrical energy through the air, directly to the vehicle's battery.

Electric cars: faster charging

Just imagine parking on a system like this and seeing your car charge automatically, without any additional human intervention. To stop charging, simply walk away. It's as simple as that. The EV ARC from Beam Global est a charging solution that can be deployed quickly, without requiring construction work or major electrical installations. Its wireless charging integration further simplifies infrastructure setup, making it an attractive option for fleet operators and public charging facilities. No more digging trenches to lay cables or carrying out complex work. The device is simply installed and ready to operate. Desmond Wheatley, CEO of Beam Global and himself an EV driver, spoke enthusiastically about this technological advancement. According to him, this wireless charging will revolutionize the way we charge our electric vehicles. No more searching for a charging station, plugging in a cable or monitoring the process. The EV ARC simplifies everything, providing a smooth and efficient charging experience.

It remains to be seen when this technology will be massively deployed and offered to motorists!

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